Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick –


Today I would like to share with you guys my favorite lipstick of the moment, I can’t get enough of those two colors they are just amazing ! I can’t believe I have lived my life without this, honestly this is the best discovery I have made in weeks. So now let’s get into the reviews, I have two colors for you and don’t forget that I give tips and tricks on how to get bargain and discount with each review at the end ! Enjoy!


N°220 Sugar Plum


An amazing light plum color, totally build able and very smooth, rich for your lips and very pretty with any kind of make up.


Very smooth and buttery, not very pigmented but that is why I love it.  Enriched with honey nectar the texture feels like a balm, it will also leave your lips stained like if this plum color was your natural lips shade. Plus, the scent is amazing !

Why I like it ?

It is the perfect everyday lipstick when you don’t know what to put on. Spring is coming and this color would be perfect to get ready for the warm and flowery weather that is coming.


N°365 Plum Passion


A dark plum with bright purple tone, a very bright and dark color at the same time, very creamy and suitable for any kind of carnation.


A bit different from the light color, this one stay on your lips like a stain, believe me, after hours of talking at work it’s still there. The pigmentation is so strong, it will leave your lips lovely and kissable for hours. It is enriched with honey nectar and it is so funny because the smell reminds me of my first lipsticks back when I was around 12, so very 90’s scent, it’s hard to explain!

Why I like it ?

Because it is the unusual shade I was always looking for. Also It is very sheer and creamy, no glitter or sparkle is involve and that’s one of the most “no no” factor when I am looking for a lipstick and those one are just perfect.


Overall, the color sensational lipsticks are amazing. The plum colors are from anpther world and the formula can’t be beaten. As a very big PLUS it doesn’t dry my lips and the product stay put for a very long time, which is for someone who can’t retouch my make up every five seconds is a very big selling point. The price is also very attractive as it is on the drugstore team so it’s between £6.99 and £7.60 depends on where you going.

Note : 9/10

Why not 10 ?

Because for the darker shades, you need to be careful mine as already melted a bit around the edges of the container because I kept it in my pocket at work so I am a bit disappointed, but this is just a tiny detail compare to all the great aspects of the lipstick collection.


Offers ?

At the moment Boots is the place to go if you want to get you some. The offer is buy one get the second one half price so why not ? You can try those 2 colors or choose another Maybelline product if you prefer.

Boots : Maybelline color sensational offers


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