Unboxing : Birchbox February 2015


Birchbox : February 2015

So a little of a disclaimer is needed before I start that blog post. I have subscribe to Birchbox in October, so this is my 4th box, yup one is missing and I have done a video about it a little while ago, I will post the link at the end of this article if you are interested because it is sometimes nice to hear about pros and cons when it comes to beauty box. I am still subscribed because I gave it one last go and I am very surprised and please so less bla bla and more review, here we go!


Caudalie / Vinoperfect Radiance Serum / 10ml – £15

First Impression 

Love Caudalie and don’t actually own any products so I was really pleased. Although the sample look generous but it is pretty empty inside, it is very light when you hold it. I guess that it’s because it is an expensive item, but still! I tried it straight way because I got my box just when I came out of the shower and it’s a pretty good product, I didn’t put any make up on today so it was really easy to see if yes or no the product was sinking in and it did, my skin felt more even few minutes afterwards!

Note : 7/10

Good product but the sample is a joke.


London Butterflies / Body Butter Soufflé / 30ml – £6

First Impression

Never heard about that brand, it’s a pretty big sample if you ask my opinion. Love the packaging it is girly and very luxurious. I tried on the cream and it smells amazing, the scent is tundra berries and meadowsweet with golden jojoba oil. It smells really fruity, almost like a cocktail and the quality is amazing. Lately my legs are so dry, it is very hard to find the right body butter and this one is magical, it tamed my crocodile skin.

Note : 10/10

Love it, considering buying the full size one!


Green People / Intensive repair shampoo / 30ml – £2

First impression 

Shampoo, again ? Mehhhhh ! Well to be fair I like to try new shampoo because my hair are really damaged, but man really that’s annoying! So next time in the shower I will try it but I have to go through 2 other samples so it is a bit lame. I don’t know the brand,  and everything is natural so I have big hopes into that bad boy. It says that it is suppose to help repairing damaged hair so I am going to give it a go. But please no more shampoo samples.

Note : 5/5

Yeah, only because I am kind and very nice.


Cynthia Rowley Beauty / Eyeliner in Black / 03 oz – £8.25

First impression

Nice and smooth! Birchbox told us that we will get 2 make up samples and here we go. That is a really rich, buttery black eyeliner. Never heard about the brand but let me tell ya something, when I tried to remove the swatch on my hand it didn’t go away I had to grab make up remover and scrub hard! Quality is amazing, because I have watery eyes so every little helps, I need my eyeliner to stay put and this one looks like a winner!

Note : 9/10

Very nice but honestly they could have gave us the full size!


The Balm / Stainiac In beauty Queen / 0.04 Fl oz – £1.60

First Impression 

HAHhhhhhh the Balm ! finally, a bit like : “hmm, ok that was not what I was expecting but ok”. Honestly the most famous product is the Mary Luminizer, why can’t we get that sample instead ? But silver lining that thing is awesome! It is a lip stain that you can use on lips and cheeks, usually I am not into those kind of products. Yes, I usually hate those things, they look useless but I gave it a go and it’s pretty, it’s a really good way to make your lipstick stay put longer or to add a pop of color if you are not wearing make up or just the bare minimum.

Note : 7/10

Nice but that’s it, I am not really WOW by the sample choice here.


The Chia Co / Oats + Chia / 1 pack – £0.99

First Impression

LOL. Food, like Oat ? Really ? And what the heck is Chia. Ok chill out guys, JUST KIDDING! I am not complaining it is really nice to try some healthy stuff sometimes. The mix sounds good, I will probably mix that baby with milk instead of water because it is tasteless for me. I just don’t see how it goes with the theme of Valentine’s month. But I will eat it for sure, maybe I will fell in love who knows.

Note : 7/10

I wanted chocolates!!!!!!


Overall Note :  7.5/10

Value of the Box : £33.84

My January Birch Box Youtube Review


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