Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Review + Swatch


Hey Guys

Today I wanted to talk about a really great discovery, the  Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. This baby is gorgeous and pretty surprising because the price is very cheap and the quality really high for a drugstore product. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s start the review.



1. Packaging (in and out) & Price

Overall, very surprised, the packaging around the actual item is very cute, formal and quite simple. It’s very similar to the bobby brown surf and sand palette to my opinion (in the actual idea of the packaging, if you know what I mean) so it feels really high end.

The actual packaging of the palette is also very cute, it is magnetic and offers and really decent sized mirror inside, I really like the concept, very different from any previous sleek packaging.

Also the price is around £9.90 pretty much everywhere, so a bargain when you think about all the highlighting colors you get out of it.

Note : 9/10 

Note a 10 because the actual palette can leave finger marks due the material that it is made of so it can end up quite dirty in your make up bag.


2. Shades 

The palette offers 4 shades : platinum, antique bronze, royal gold and Renaissance gold. They all have a specific use and are very well done in terms of quality. Three of the shades are creamy and one is powdery. The powdery one is very pigmented! You can use it (in my own sense) as a shadow or as a bronzer. Very versatile in many ways.

I have put that palette to the test already few times and trust me it last for a very long time. You don’t need much to enhance your actual inner glow with that palette, just a little amount will do the job.

I love creamy Highlighter, in my sense they are more bendable and build able that any other kind of texture. The palette offers a little brush that is very useful on the go but if you do your make up at home use a brush or your fingertips, it will be easier to blend.

Note : 10/10


(from left to right : Renaissance Gold, Royal Gold, Antique Bronze, Platinum)

3. Swatches

The colors are just gorgeous but they can be quite shimmery for some people. I love glitter and shimmer in general, to me it is the little “je ne sais quoi” to add to every look. So beware it is not a matte highlighting palette.

The colors as I said before are very pigmented, although you have to insist a little bit to get the right amount the first time. The shades are very well done for every skin tone, I am a really fair skin girl and it suit me perfectly but I could totally imagine those colors on a darker skin, that would look stunning.

The powdery shade doesn’t go everywhere which is a very big thumbs up to sleek, for a drugstore brand it is pretty rare so that is why I advice you to use it as well as a shadow base or a bronzer on the go. In one word, sleek “thanks” this is an amazing quality product.

Note : 8/10

Not a 10 because it is very shimmery so not for everyone taste. Too bad the palette doesn’t come in at least 2 different type of texture.


Overall Note : 9/10

I really like that palette, playing around for you guys was really fun and now I really enjoy using it on a everyday basis, it is always with me in my bag!

Link to learn how to use the palette :

Sleek Precious Metal


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