M.A.C Limited Edition Cinderella Collection


Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to talk about an upcoming launch. The M.A.C Cinderella Limited edition collection, that is not a secret M.A.C is my number one favorite brand since I was like 16 years old so as I am a devoted fan I can’t wait to get my paws on some items in that collection.

This collection is quite huge, 18 items are going to be released and the variety is really gorgeous. I have picked 4 items, because let’s be realistic I can’t afford everything!

The release date is March 6th (only in Harrods apparently) and 13th of March for the other M.A.C locations in the Uk and it will be available online before, I don’t know how I am going to proceed but I would maybe order online just to make sure I don’t miss what I want, that was the case for the maleficent collection so let’s not do the same mistake!

Note on the side, I love everything about that collection, not to mention the cute packaging that reminds me my childhood, I just hope that in real life that doesn’t feel cheap!


 1. Cinderella Lipstick in Royal Ball // £17

I just love pinky nude colors in general! I am blonde with fair skin and light brown eyes so usual those kind of colors suit me, please it seems that there is some peachy undertone. I just love it it. I don’t know why though I always pick the nude colors when it comes to limited edition, I guess I am still looking for the perfect match. Who is not? Ladies, lets be honest!

2. Cinderella Eyeshadow palette x6 in Stroke of Midnight // £38.50

Shades names are (from left to right, top to bottom) :

Vapour, Phloof!, Omega, Quarry, Satin Taupe and Stroke of Midnight.

This is an expensive palette, don’t get me wrong, I am still questioning myself about that one and apparently only one color is exclusive (stroke of midnight) the rest are regular colors that you can buy as usual,  but the colors are very pretty and each single colors reminds me of the little mice in the animated movie! Plus, it is a really great kind of collectible item. All the colors look matte except for stroke of midnight which is a high selling point for me, I don’t own anything similar (nope, not trying to convince myself at all).

3. Cinderella Studie Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped // £18.50

It is described as a sheer, shimmery beige eye gloss. What more can I possibly say ? I love cream eyeshadow lately and the color is stunning, I have never seen anything similar. It is not bronze, it is not pink, it is not gold – Just perfect -. Plus retail price is quite correct, packaging is also damn cute! Someone needs to come and rescue my wallet, please!

4. Cinderella Iridescent Pressed Powder in Coupe d’Chic // £23

Note sure why they named the product like that, doesn’t make any sense (even for a french person like me, like literally) but it doesn’t matter because I need that PRECIOUS really bad. I am really into highlighting lately and even though I have tried a lot of things I am still looking for the one and only Holly Grill. Which is kind of a stupid idea because it is limited edition, which means that If I like it well I will not find it anymore. Anyway love the color, M.A.C is pretty good in terms of highlighter and again never seen such a beautiful shade before. Hooray again to my wallet!


Well overall I think that my wallet will die , total cost will be for me £97 which is kind of well you know, expensive! So we shall see, I will probably limit myself to 2 items, because March will be full of new launches, but M.A.C is always a personal favorites and their collaborations (esp Disney) are always very pretty and worth the money.

Please tell me in the comments below what is your favorite item for that collection.



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