Joe Hill // Horns // Book Review


Horns // Joe Hill

Every time I will end a book a review will be done. So last night I have finished Horns, by the not that well known author Joe Hill. I read it in french, so it is going to be epic to actually translate my thoughts right now but I will succeed, promise.

So a little bit of background first. When I say about the author that he is not very well known it’s only because he decided to change his last name. Mr Joe is the son of our beloved creepiest author on earth : Stephen King. I was really thrilled when my Mom told me about him, it is like someone is taking over (well not over, he is not dead and still writing, but ya know what I mean) with a pair of fresh new eyes on King’s thoughts. Because let me tell ya something my fellow reader, this guys is as f***** up as his dad! And I love it!

Long story short, that can be creepy for some people but I have been a fan since my Mom decided I was old enough to read that kind of story so it is pretty thrilling to hear that his son is quite the same, or let’s say in the same path. Because don’t get me wrong but Mr King has lost a little bit of his weirdness over the years, his stories are very confusing and less surprising. So with Joe Hill it is like someone through me back 15 years ago in my teenage bedroom.

So what the Hell (lol you will understand it later) is Horns about ?

Well let me get that straight, I am not going to try and spoil the book but it is kind of hard so if you don’t want to know, stop reading. Thank you.

The book is mainly about Ig Perrish, a 26 years old guy accused of a terrible thing ; Rape and murder of his beloved girlfriend Merrin Williams. Ig has been a person of interest, then a suspect and at the end a non suspect that everybody think guilty. So he is living in a really horrible situation and of course he didn’t do it but every evidences point toward him. One morning, a year after the murder he wakes up and at the top of his head seats two tiny horns ; now he is able to hear the truth from people’s mouth, the ugly truth unfortunalty. So the only blessing with those horns is that he is now able to seek justice and finally find what really happened to his girlfriend. But nothing will be easy for him because a wannabe demon trapped in a human body is not an easy situation.

I did my best with the summary guys, hope spoilers were not too bad.

I like the novel really bad, I love how you get into Ig’s head, thoughts and feelings. The book is mainly about that really thin barrier between evil and good. Most of the articles I found talked about the fact that maybe the devil is a anti hero. After all and I quote the book : “Him and God are supposed to be at war with each other. But if God hates sin and Satan punishes the sinners, aren’t they working the same side of the street? Aren’t the judge and the executioner on the same team?” ; I do totally agree with that quote, that is so true, there is not black and white, only shades of grey (not the movie, please…) and moments that are good and moments that are not.

So the reflexion on religion is very interesting because Ig is not fighting for long his condition, he embrace it and for one good reason : he doesn’t want to be in a world where people are hiding behind big words and small actions. But the book is also about love of course, how far can you go to protect to soul of your loved ones ? Mr Hill has a lovely philosophy when it comes to illness as well, we should not see sick people as weak, they are still persons until the end so why are we treating them as if they were not here already.

Overall it is more than a horror book or story, not to mention that it was really funny from time time (love Hill’s Sense of Humor). I love how Joe Hill uses his story to actually inject his thoughts about the world and how stupid and cowardly the society is. So for me it is a big surprise, a new author to read and follow. Mr Hill I guess you hate to hear that but yup your are walking on your Daddy’s footsteps of craziness! Well done.

Note : 9/10

Too bad I’ve seen the movie before reading the book, it took away all the mystery, but the movie was a good one as well, very different but charming and very well shot.


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