Lipstick Duo Alert n°1

Capture d’écran 2015-02-21 à 22.52.43

Ok, this is a new category ladies! In the world of make up, everybody prefer this to that and for I have to say more than anything I am a : Lipstick junkie.

Now that I have come clean, let me explain a bit myself. Well when I say lipstick it is a word for everything related to lips! From Lipbalm to lipstick and of course lipgloss.

So I have decided to keep you up to date every time I fall in love. These past few days I have been loving a lipstick combination that I was looking for ages. Month ago I was raving for a plum color and now it was more a kind of raspberry color.


So nothing new! In fact when I was going trough the revlon colorburst lip butter (which are one of my drugstore favorite formula) I realize that I have missed some really interesting colors and then I saw it : Raspberry Pie. Holly molly, how can I express myself. Sheer, balmy, juicy and so bright. Love it! I have been wearing it every day since I bought it few days ago and girlfriends, it is a true love at first sight.

To go with It (yes, because my new moto is that I need a lip liner to go with every single of my favorite lipsticks) my eyes met the max factor pink princess lip liner. Max factor never really attracted me before but the color is just so perfect to go with the revlon lip butter. Those liners are amazing, less than £5 and are very easy to blend and use.

Long story short (Damn, I wanted to do a really chilled out short sunday post) next time you go into your nearest drugstore please guys swatch those two amazing products.

Revlon Lip Butter “Raspberry Pie” £7.99

Max Factor “Pink Princess” lip liner £4.99

I am in Love!

Happy Sunday Everybody


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