Cindy-Lou Manizer // The Balm

IMG_0079Cindy-Lou Manizer // The Balm

This product is a love at first sight. I can’t believe I have live my life without that product, yes it is that kind of product.

So today I am reviewing the Cindy-Lou Manizer by the Balm that I have received (for free) from birch box, when I say for free it is box I have paid for with the points I have earned every month. So as this little fella cost £16, well I am pretty happy about it.

So I have been wearing that baby for a few days now and I am totally in love. Beauty blogger and youtube Guru were raving about the Mary-Lou Manizer but quite honestly I prefer that one. I haven’t tried it but I am way more in love with the pink shade of that luminizer.  I had the choice and my heart went for that one.



Just lovely, to be quite franc The Balm is a huge reminder of Benefit. It is so obvious, but the quality and uniqueness of their product is worth the copycat like and no girls can have too much of a pin up style in their make up.

So I am really impressed with the quality and efforts that has been put in the box and product itself. It’s cute, fun and quirky.

I love the fact that there is something to read on every inch of the box, just love it!

IMG_0098 2


It’s an obvious pink undertone luminizer, very sheer but ,no glitter! Which I love because a little bit of sprinkle can’t hurt but I don’t want to end up at the end of the day with that weird sparkly like glow on my face and this product is the opposite.

The texture is very buttery, pigmented and the undertone of the product is very peachy. A lot of people say that it suit better darker skin but I do not agree. I am quite fair and as I am wearing foundation, bronzer etc…well it compliment well the overall tone.

Also you can use it as a blush or an eye shadow, it is a versatile product but I would for sure use it as a blush and mostly as a highlighter/luminizer.



On the picture I only wear powder, no foundation because I wanted it to be visible, as you can see it is not the kind of “in your face” luminizer. It’s very discrete, simple and it catches the light so well it gives my skin that “healthy” glow that I was looking for in a very long time.

As I said, if you blonde and fair like me it would suit you, trust me.

Overall I think it is a great product, I believe it would become my go to luminizer. The kind of make up item that will never leave my bag. I am just very impressed, The Balm is a company I will for sure buy more in the near future.

The Balm products are available in some super drug in the Uk, they do have a website and you can also order some of their product range on birchbox.


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