Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of | Review |


I rushed to the theatre last thursday (26th of February) after work to get in time. So to explain a bit the situation because it was a very unusual event the film was at a unique time in selected theatre all over Europe ! Also the Backstreet Boys were here in London at the Dominion theatre to offer us after the movie a live concert which was in prime time all over Europe again. It was just amazing, Wish I could have been there, it wasn’t that far, I just couldn’t make it on time due to my job hours.

First let me introduce you to my Backstreet World :

That group is my guilty pleasure, honestly since I am like 12 years old they have been part of my life and I am not even ashamed to say it. So when I heard that a movie / Documentary was coming well my heart melted. Yes it was that intense in my head.

So if I am doing the math correctly I have been following them for like 17 years. This is just crazy and I hope you realized I have said following and not “fan” because I am not in that state of mind anymore, I don’t have any posters on my wall and I don’t collect (anymore!) everything about them. I am a grown up married woman and those guys have been weirdly like a second family for me. Yup 5 brothers to me and this group helped me a lot throughout difficult time and I can’t thank them enough, well technically I haven’t but you know what I mean.


So here I am, I thought I knew everything about them but this documentary proved me wrong. I have laughed, cried and felt a bit awkward as well at some moment. This documentary has been shot perfectly and you can’t get more deeply into their story, trust me those 5 guys are incredible and they deserve the fame that they still have after more than 20 years together.

I know what you are probably thinking right now. Yes I know people are still referring to them as a boyband but really do they still deserve to be label like that after all these years ? I don’t think so, they are a group and a really talented one. I am so happy to actually be part of the adventure because last thursday, It was mesmerizing!


Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

The documentary does not explain it all don’t get me wrong this is not a VH1 documentary. It tells a story and the boys are being very honest with who they are, what they have been through and how they can handle it now. So the movie was intense, they were filmed over two years and we follow them in London (Hey hey, shout out to my City) where they have recorded the last album but we also follow them on a kind of a memory lane in their home town. I was very touched by Kevin and Nick, I didn’t know that they were so deeply touched by so many sad and overwhelming memories.

That documentary is also about how they started, how the group was created. Again, I have learned so many things that I didn’t know. Lou Perlman created them but also destroyed them in many ways. In the 90’s nothing was easy for a group of five young boys but at the end, after all the issues and problems they are still here, making great music.

So no matter who you are, don’t judge please. Everybody is entitled to like whatever they like and this group is very important to my heart. I mean those 5 guys are real people and honestly after that crazy era of boybands we have been through I am so proud of them and what they achieved. This documentary was a big shock in so many ways, I still have some butterflies in my stomach a few days later.


The performance was just what we all needed. Acoustic, simple and so true. I loved every song they have picked and it was amazing to see all the love toward them in the theatre. In my theatre everybody was so pleased as well, a few us were still on cloud number 9 few minutes after credits. I just love them to bits.

Of course I would recommend everybody to watch it and for many different reasons. If you are a fan, it is common sense. If you are not at all, just be curious and keep in my mind that you will be transported to the 90’s which is so amazing (and scary, felt really old while watching) and weird at the same time. And finally if you are a hater well, give it a go you might be very surprised.

One last word : KTBSBPA !


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