Make Up Revolution London Iconic 2 Palette


This palette is an enigma, apparently it’s a dupe for the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. I don’t own the palette, but I do own the naked 2 basics so I know the quality and as you may all know, it is amazing. So let’s be really honest here, I was really impressed.

Make up Revolution London is a brand sold at Superdrug here in the Uk and it was launched last year. I do own a few things from the brand and so far I have never been disappointed. But I didn’t know that their palettes were dupes.

Also the price is very attractive : £4 – I know compare to the Urban decay one there is £32 of price difference. That is why I gave it go, after all £4 is worth trying. So let’s review that baby and let me give you a spoiler, I FREAKING LOVE IT!



Cheap, made of plastic and not really attractive but but but don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

A mirror would have been a big plus on the top of everything but due the fact that the palette is huge it is not the kind of palette you through in your handbag, you keep it at home.

Also the shadows in the palette don’t have any names. Let’s just say that it is not a very big surprise due to the attractive price.



As you can see the colors are very pigmented and believe it or not very buttery. The only bad point is that the light colors are too light, it blends with my skin color!

The shimmery one are so beautiful and not chalky at all. The matte one are smooth and blend very well. Even the darkest shade is pigmented like hell, it took me a lot of make up remover to take it off!

I am impressed, the brand came up with dupe for every Urban Decay palettes, I might get the other ones. But this one, Holly Cow such an amazing discovery and so unmissable for people on a budget or not because let’s face it ladies, £38 For a Palette, it’s expensive!


Let’s put it to the test

I have put my make up on at like 10am in the morning and removed it at night, around midnight so I gave it a full day of trial. I haven’t retouched it or anything.

When I applied the shadows, it was a real pleasure, easy to blend very buttery and so pigmented. You have to be light handed though, warning !

I used (let’s give the colors numbers as they don’t have names, 1 is for the lightest and 12 for the dark one at the end) number 1, 4 & 5. Such a nice bronze effect, you need to work the shadows a little bit before getting any result but it is really easy to apply.

On the picture it is around 6pm, so Few hours after doing my make up, At the end of the day when I looked at myself in the mirror well nothing moved, it didn’t fall out underneath my eyes and the shadows were still where they were suppose to be. I used an eye primer (the too faced one) but no fixer whatsoever. A primer is needed for a better result.


Overall, I give this palette a 9/10. This only criticism is the really atrocious packaging and lack of mirror but it is a minor detail compare to the amazing quality of the product itself.

Price : £4


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