Unboxing : Birchbox March 2015


Birchbox : March 2015

This month it is a collaboration box with Habitat. Ok why not, but let me just say that there is nothing in the box that is actually linked to that brand, only the box is kind of related to it but that is it and I am very disappointed. It is the first time that I am actually not happy with my box. Only two items are for me great but overall, don’t expect positive in that blog post.


Let’s start with products I am not Happy with because honestly, It is a total fail for me, I am so upset about it you can’t even imagine.

Serenity Skincare / Dead Sea Bath Salt / 1 bag 200g £1.90 – retail price £9.50

That is the product I am the most not happy about. Sea salt like really ? First not everyone own a bathtub (I do but that is not point) and second of all that thing is really heavy and you can get like 2 use out of it I guess. But come one, I really don’t like sea salt, I love my lush things for my bath time. This is suppose to relax you in the bathtub and remove all the toxin from your body, well I hope so because I am going to use it but only because I don’t want to waste my money.

Catherine Malandrino / Style de Paris Eau de parfum /  Tiny sample £0.50  –  retail price £50

I don’t know who the hell is that Catherine lady and to be fair I don’t really care but come one again. I could have get that sample in any department store. They say this perfume is exclusive to birch box, ok good for the brand but who cares or at least give a bigger sample like a real spray to fit in your bag on the go not a stupid department store sample. It smells good but nothing really exceptional, trust me it is a fail.

Tanorganic / Certified Organic Self Tan / 25ml  £3.99 – retail price for 100 ml £19.99

This time I really don’t know what to say. I am really fair and I do not use fake tan, I mean everything turn orange on me no matter what. I did say in my personal profile all of those things so why ? Also on the website description you have to exfoliate before and use gloves to apply, sounds like a hell of a job to apply fake tan. I am gutted, I am probably going to give it to my mom but still, very disappointed.

A perfect Heritage / Penny Vincenzi / Exctract 25 pages £0.50 – Retail price £7.99

One word : Why ? I do not mind a good book don’t get me wrong but again, why ? I am going to read it but what if I like it ? I have to spend my money and buy it ? I really don’t know what to say. A link at the end with the entire e-book would have been great. Because I feel that they are laughing at my face right now. The book is apparently about the beauty blogger community and all its surrounding, sounds good but I was not expecting that.

Birch box and Habitat / Exclusive Notebook / Sample – No retail price

This notebook just to let you know is now in my husband’s backpack. That is a ridiculous size notebook and I still don’t understand the meaning behind that thing. Also there is no retail price at all which means that it is really a sample thing and when you pay almost £13 for a beauty box you expect a little bit more. No no and no !


Now the good stuff, unfortunately there is only two but still let’s see the silver linings.

Benefit /  Roller lash mascara / 3.0G sample £6.91 – Retail price £19.50

At least I got the mascara I asked for. As per usual it is a sample size, but I love those Benefit mascaras! This Roller lash is new, it has just been launched and I was pretty excited so I cannot wait to try it. Of course, that doesn’t make it up for the rest but still on that one I am happy.

Philip Kinglsey / Elasticizer / 20ml sample £3.60 – retail price £27.50

I know in my last review I said : “Please Birchbox no more shampoo samples”. But I had to see the good in that terrible box ok and this one is a good one. First it is not a shampoo it’s a pre-shampoo. You are meant to wet your hair, apply it, cover your hair for around 20 minutes then rinse it and wash your hair. I like it a lot, I have never done that before and it suppose to help damaged hair so I take it with pleasure.


Overall note : 3/10

(1 point for every item I like and one for the box which is vey pretty and that’s it)

Value of the box : £18.40


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