Review : Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit – Barry M.


Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit

“The travel-sized palette includes a light powder to highlight, a bronzer to warm, and a dark powder to sculpt for a perfectly enhanced appearance”

First of all, I know a lot of people are talking about it and it is not new but hey I wanted to check myself if it was worth the hype.

Barry M is a Brand that I have always reached for in terms of nail polish of course. They have the best drugstore choice for colors, texture and the price are very cheap.

Lately their make up in general very surprised me. The palettes of shadows are very good, mascaras are worth trying and lipsticks very affordable and well pigmented.

But this time, as everybody is talking about contouring (yup exit brows, hello contours!) everywhere in the beauty world Barry M surprised us with a contouring palette very well done and so handy.



Simple, helpful and very well executed, I love how you get the explanation inside step by step to contour your face.

The big bad point is that their is no mirror but honestly you usually contour once, no need to bring it with so it is not a big deal.



As you can see, the colors are very pigmented. Even the light one is strong. Every shade is buttery and so easy to work with.

A lot of make up brand came out recently with contour kits, usually they involved up to 6 shades but this one only contain three and it is more then enough. They have selected the basic one which is great for people like me. What I mean by that is that I wasn’t really a contour kind of girl, let’s face it! But with that kit everything is what more easier.


Let’s put it to the test

I have used it few times because contouring is not for everyday in my opinion. But I used it once to play with it and few other times when I had to go out for dinners.

The colors as I said are very pigmented so you have to be light handed, otherwise you will end up like you fake tanned your entire face and trust that can be very ugly.

Other than that if you follow step by step the rules everything will go smoothly. That’s what I did (the second time! Because yeah It was true story, mine!) and what a change! I have a very round face, no cheek bones, just cheeks! No definitions what so ever, I look like I am sixteen on a daily basis. That kit can really help you bring your inner feminine structure and that is what I like.

The only bad thing I have to say is that it is very strong. I guess that no matter what or where your kit come from you will have a really strong result at the end and that is not really me for a daily look. But for occasion that is brilliant and I love it!


Overall that kit is just awesome, affordable and very well put together. The quality is amazing and easy to use so if you are on a budget and can’t afford one of the most popular contour kit on the market well then this Barry M kit is for you. Just please change the name it is too complicated and too long to pronounce.

Barry M.

Note : 9/10


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