Lippies Haul – New at the Drugstore !


So yesterday I went out for some coffee (and donuts let’s just admit it!) and superdrug was like next to Dunkin Donuts so I thoughts it would be nice to see if anything was new.

So I didn’t break the bank because the lipsticks I got are the cheapest one on the market but the quality is incredible. I have tried and swatch them all already and it is kind of a haul plus first impression combine blogpost.

There is four products, 2 from NYC, 1 from Miss sporty and 1 from MUA.


New ! NYC – Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stain

Those are brand new and the price was so cheap that I had to try them for you. Only £1.99 each instead of £3.99 so I couldn’t resist.

I got the colors #400 on everyone’s lips (mauve one) and #310 Perpetually mauve (pink one)

The formula is not really pigmented but I don’t think it is meant to be anyway and the scent is really fruity, really nice and fresh. It is very liquidy so beware because that baby is a real lip stain, while I writing that post I can’t help myself but stare at the my hand because the swatches doesn’t want to go away no matter what.

I prefer the pink color, more me! But the other one would be really nice on the top of a neutral lipstick on a “no make up” day.

Overall those babies are really nice for the price and the formula very strong so I would recommend them so far but I need to put them to the test before.


News ! Miss Sporty – Gloss For Lips – N°4 Pinky Pout

This is a skinny chubby stick. I just want to through a “LOL” because I don’t know how to describe it. I just fell in love with the color and the pigmentation, ideal for summer and very handy to apply.

It is very glossy and there is no glitter! Yes, because lately it feels like those lippy sticks are only made of glitter.

It is amazing quality compare to the prince (£1.99) and I am impressed, don’t really own anything from that brand but I will look out for it in the futur.


MUA – Lipstick Shade 3

I love how this brand doesn’t even give names to their lipsticks. I know it’s cheap (£1) but come on. I heard it is pretty pricy in the USA so why not giving them at least a nice girly name ? But still I had to fight to grab it, it wasn’t on the shelf so I had to actually open the draw I am not suppose to open to find it. Love how the staff is working hard in superdrug.

But I fell in love with the color, a nice sheer raspberry color which doesn’t like it is going to dry your lips or going to run all over your face so why not.

The swatch is not really intense, I was a bit disappointed. I will give it a go anyway, maybe I can apply some lip pencil or mix it with another color. I think it is a lovely color for the price. Just in love with shade number 3.

You know what let’s give it a name : Raspberry Pom Pom


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