Brand Focus #1 : Essie



Founded by Essie Weingarten in 1981, the global brand is the ultimate color authority and the go-to nail brand. She distributed first a collection of 12 nail polish exclusively in Las Vegas. Then after few years of stand by the company took off because her nail polish formula were unique.

She came at the right time because there was a gap in the market in the 80’s and she nailed it. The company now has been sold to L’Oréal since 2010.


How many do I own ?

Too many ? Nah just kidding, I own 12 of the shades so far which is not too bad and I have few of the nails treatment as well.

Price Range

Here in the Uk it is £7.99 for one nail polish but you can get it in different places for slightly different prices. Also places like TK Maxx have them for a lower price and if you take a good look you can find limited edition Color or discontinued one.

Also nail treatment like base or top coat are around the same price range or slightly more expensive.



Mint Candy Apple & Carousel Coral

Because it was the Color scheme of my wedding and because those are my favorite colors in general. On my wedding day I was wearing Carousel Coral and my maid of honour Mint Candy Apple. Such good memories attached to those 2 colors.



I got in Tk Maxx last week a deep blue one called “Hide and Go Chic” and it is the worst. Formula is weird, very liquidy and hard to dry. It is also horrible because it is not long lasting I had to remove it after Two days. But hey it was very cheap!


Why I like it

Simply because it is the best formula I ever tried, a lot of people are raving for OPI but for me Essie wins everything. I guess it’s like people on team iPhone or Samsung!

Also it’s an American brand and it is made in the USA so I love that fact very much. Then let’s be honest the colors are amazing, the choice is endless and the names are so cute I mean why not painting your nails with “Lovie Dovie” or “Carousel Coral”, come on “so pretty”.


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