Fashion for Curvy Ladies – Where do I begin?



Being curvy and confident is not easy. Accepting yourself and smile at your reflection in the mirror everyday is a big step. But once your are totally fine with yourself how to not look ugly and fat in your clothe ?

Yes I have said the “F” word. Let’s face it, skinny or curvy sometimes no matter how confident you are when you look at yourself in a fitting room it is against your will to not say the “F” word if you look horrible in an outfit.

To avoid that you have to do your homework, wear things that suit your body shape and in which your are happy and comfortable. Trust me when you are not a size under 10 this is the hardest job in world.

We (women) are very picky with ourselves, even if our body look perfect for someone else, well in our own eyes this is not the case at all. So I don’t hold to keys of your happiness ladies but I can make yourself smile at your reflection in the mirror once and for all.


(me : 4 year old)

I have been through a lot with my weight. As a child I was normal and quite thin then as a pre teen I was overweight but the serious problems arrived during my teenage years. I was very big for my age, you know the “fat” girl of the school. Those years were really traumatic, I guess for everyone but when you struggle with a physical problem it is even less bearable. Then it hit me, I had that revelation and suddenly everything became clear. I lost all the weight in a year and around my 16- 17 years old I was finally the girl I wanted to be.

I had friends, boyfriends and pretty much every thing was easy for me at that time. I am not telling you that to impress, the diet was hard and it took me 3 good years to achieve what I wanted. But at what cost? I was exhausted, taking drugs to maintain my weight and every week my doctor was giving me injections to speed the process. My body was thin but my mind was destroyed.


(Me on my 19th Birthday)

I am not saying that diets are bad. Don’t get me wrong. My doctor was amazing but I think I tried too hard too quickly. Because I was not happy. Then I met my now husband when I was 19. A year later I stopped it all. Drugs, injections, in one word everything. I was happy and loved for who I was.

But love has a price. Little by little the weight came back. All of it. But after almost 10 years together and a lot of struggle well I can now tell I have learn to love my body. I know I am overweight, it is not ideal but I am finally the woman I always wanted to be.


( 9 Years ago when I have met by Husband)

It’s maybe time now to come to my point. Fashion! I know it is really tricky and very unpleasant for some people to go out and shop. But nowadays we have different solutions to solve the problem and the first one is Internet.

Personally I prefer to buy in the store just because it is really tricky for me. I am the smallest size in plus size and I do fit sometimes in the biggest size in regular shops so I need to try things on. So my favorite places are New Look and M&S. New look as a plus size section and M&S has a great selection in terms of jeans but they also have nice simple tops.

But I do not shop only there, I like Uniqlo, H&M and places like Gap. I am very simple in what I am wearing and when I was “thin” it was the same, I have always been the jumper – Jeans – converse kinda of girl so it is not really hard for me but for some of you who do like fashion it is a challenge when you are a plus size.

This article is the first of a serie. I would like to write every week about a brand or places to go to buy different things when you are curvy. For example where to buy thights or where to get good underwear.

If you have any idea or request please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear your reactions and ideas.


Just to finish on a great note, it is not about self confidence or all the crap you can read or see online, it is just about being yourself and accepting who you are. In one word trying your best to be as HAPPY as you can.



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