5 Spring Make Up Essentials


Spring is finally here and I am one happy bunny. I love spring and fall, don’t ask me why I don’t really know. I just love when the weather is slowly changing, the transition in the atmosphere is amazing and so comforting.

So it is time to change my make up routine, get some new stuff, reach old time favorites that were forgotten or go to boots for a spring haul, why not but payday needs to happen !

I do own a lot of things but I questioned myself recently and thought it would be amazing to share my go to 5 products for this time of the year.


1.Smashbox On The Rocks Be Legendary Lip Gloss : Azalea

I was dying to use that gloss since I got the kit way before christmas because it is obviously more of a spring/summer color. I was blown away by the quality and pigmentation of that product. I love to wear it and the shade is just stunning. It is a photo gels texture which enhance the wearability and light weight of that product on your lips. Bright and fresh, just what I need for spring !

2. Chanel – Jardin De Chanel Blush Camelia Rose

That blush is still taking my breath away. The color is delicate and natural so it looks like your are just blushing and the scent of that product is amazing. You can’t really go wrong with Chanel plus it is part of their spring/summer collection so ideal when it will be a little bit more warmer.

3. Benefit – Roller Lash Mascara

I did review that baby this week on a blogpost but I had to talk more about it. I think that this mascara look so chic and natural at the same, I just can’t get enough of it. It just give me the right curve and this “je ne said quoi” to my make up routine.

4. Maybelline – Color Tattoo Pink Gold

This is not a surprise either. I have spent my entire winter painting my eyelids with the “on and on bronze” color so I have to go again for one of those in spring time. It is a gorgeous pink but quite shimmery, to soften it you have to put underneath a bold color like a sand or nude to make it less shimmery because on a daily basis that would look way to much. Other than that it suit perfectly light brown eyes and it takes 2 second to apply it, just love it!

5. The Balm – Cindy Lou- Manizer

Despite the fact that the product is in few pieces now, I still think that it is  the perfect highlighter for spring. The peachy pink hue is so pretty and really brings my make up on another level. I can also use it on my cheeks and eye lids, so it is a very versatil product.



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