Brand Focus : Sleek Blushes


Sleek is one of the most unique brand when it comes to drugstore make up. Honestly that Brand is the love child between MAC and Nars. The only difference is that the prices are pretty cheap and the quality sometimes much better.

Sleek is one of my favorite drugstore brand. The quality is incredible and the variety extremely decent for the price. What I like the most are the blushes. The brand offer also some blush trio but for me the individual one have already taken my heart.

Correct me if I am wrong but those little gems are less than £5 and to me those are
A complete Nars blush dupe. So if you are on budget well make sure you swatch it in your next trip to the drugstore.

A little bit of background

Sleek believe it or not was established in 1989 for woman of color. Then throughout the years they expanded and decided to create make up for all types of woman. They truly believe in the needs of woman for affordable but yet quality make up. 




That Color is stunning and really settle. No shimmer, no glitter just a really buttery medium pink. The perfect blush for a natural look. It is like your natural cheek flush but better. You can also build it to make it more intense. That is for sure the Color I am going to go for now as spring is blooming in my make up.




Love that Color to bits, a real gem. It really make me think of Mata Hari from Nars and it is the perfect plum Color. This is more of an autumn Color, paired with smokey eyes and dark lipstick it can be gorgeous. I love the shimmer in that case because it gave the product a great healthy look once applied on the cheek.




That shade is a summer favorite ! Of course you need to be a little bit tan otherwise it will look weird or not very pigmented. But anyway like it or not even if you don’t like to sunbath your skin is anyway a little bit darker in summer than in winter, like it or not ladies ! So make sure you have a shade slightly darker for you foundation and apply generously that blush. The texture is very buttery and there is no shimmer or glitter added, it is just a nice orange coral blush. But it’s pigmented, beware !

Overall I have never been disappointed so far, all the blushes are very pigmented and the texture is so smooth and buttery. It is very easy to apply and blend.

Not the mention the amazing “sleek” packaging. As I said this brand Is a marriage between M.A.C and Nars. It looks very professional and the quality is more than good, it is high end. I still don’t know why it’s sold in drugstore!


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