May Drugstore Make Up Wishlist

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Polyvore Link

Hey Guys!

So every month to do a kind of follow up with my favorites video on my youtube channel I will post the 3 following days my 3 wish lists for the upcoming month. (High end make up, Drugstore make up and fashion).

I have made those wish lists with polyvore and I will link at the end the link so you can have all the references of the products on the pictures if you want as well to get those products.

This month I am not going to go through every products because it might be very boring for you, if you click on the polyvore link right below the picture you will have a complete description of every products and let’s face it, it might be more accurate than my bla bla.

I also realize that I hardly every buy everything so it is better to give you my impressions. So lately not that many release in general so as I am working on a make up bag week of blog posts and video I am more looking for products to update my make up bag for spring. So I have been on the hunt for a lot of fun colors and really bright pink.

Sleek came out with a new palette and the colors are stunning, I might really go for it. Then Revlon shadows are something I always wanted to try and fun facts you can clip them all and create your own palette, small price and great way to choose whatever you like.

I am in need of a new powder brush and for an affordable price, real techniques is “da best” in terms of drugstores quality. Then lippies, need to make an order with NYX and that new jumbo lip crayon is just incredible, it is the new Rita Ora collection. Really in love.



3 Products for a Grey Smokey Eyes



Grey Smokey eyes is something quite dear to my heart lately, with spring all over the place it was about time to change my make up routine and even if everyone is all about pastel colors and simple make up I thought it would be very nice to give grey colors a go for a change.

So scroll down if you want to see what products I have picked up for that smokey grey eyes and don’t worry as per usual everything is drugstore friendly.


L’Oréal single eyeshadow in Cameleon

This a recent discovery, I love the shimmery here this is such a versatile product all in one. You can use it wet or dry in your water line or even as a eyeliner to give your eyes more definition. The price is also very small so it would be foolish not to give it go. The color is also amazing, it is the perfect in between purple, grey and silver. So use it as an all over lid color or to define your eyes if you want a smokey eyes.


Miss Sporty Mini me eye pencil in 015 Granite

What a discovery here. I have talked about it in my make up haul video recently and as I said this brand is underestimated in oh so many ways. There is a lot of good things and that eyeliner is the living proof. Very smooth, pigmented and the color is an intense dark grey. I can easily compare it to the Stila one but this one is more bold. There is no glitter or shimmery it is a thick dark color which is perfect for a smokey grey eye color. Use it on your water line and smudge it underneath your eyes for the intense grey effect.


Collection Eyes uncovered Nude grey palette

I am not even tired yet to talk about that palette. I used it many times and I have improve its use. I have discovered that if you wet a bit the third color it can be the greatest grey-silver all over lid color. Use also the 4th color in the crease, the first one to highlight and intensify underneath your eyebrow and ta-da you are good to go. Wet, those colors are way more pigmented that they already are so be careful but fun fact it will not move at all during the day, and trust me it would be fun when you will try to remove your make up for good.


3 Make Up Dupe you will love !


Today I am so excited because when it comes to make up, let’s face it a lot of money is involved so if you are like me on a budget but you still love your high end products well you are going to LOVE that article. I have found 3 products and those are great dupes, I only own one of those high end make up products but I did my research and went in store to swatch and compare so I guess I am pretty accurate.



Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 VS Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette

£23 – £3.99

So I own both and the collection one is the grey palette. I know there is a nude and a bronze one but to me even if the collection ones got more shimmer it is closer in terms of colors. I love my Naked 2 Basics for an everyday make up and as a base for every single make up I realize. My collection palette in another hand is great for a grey smokey eyes and evening look. Both are incredible in quality and the texture is very buttery. The only downside of the Collection one is that the colors are a bit powdery but they stay put once on your eyelid. The Naked 2 Basics is as you all may know a pleasure to apply and there is no fall out and the lasting effect is endless. In conclusion if you have a tiny budget well it’s worth trying because there is almost a £20 of difference between those two products.


Nars Orgasm VS Sleek Rose Gold

£23 – £4.49

This one is a recent discovery. I have been blown away by the similarity of those two. I do not own the Nars blush but when I found the Sleek one in boots I bought it and ran straight to the nearest Nars shop. I swatched both and I felt stupid for few seconds, honestly it is the best dupe ever. The only differences I have noticed is that Nars orgasm is more on the pink side and Sleek Rose Gold is more on the coral side. Also the Sleek one is more pigmented but the Nars one is way more buttery and the lasting effect is a bit stronger. I am impressed and the price difference is very amazing. Again go get you one!


L’Oréal Mono Eyeshadow in Cameleon VS Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Dione

£.5.59 – £21

I know the color is not exactly the same but same as the blush I did my homeworks. I ran to swatch both of the products and I was blown again. The idea is the same, you can use it wet or dry and it the colors are very chrome like and intense. the best way to use them is with your fingertips and the result is just mesmerizing. It is not 100% a dupe but if you can’t afford a Nars eyeshadow well give the L’Oreal one a go and you will be very surprised.