Wishlist Fashion – April 2015

Capture d’écran 2015-03-29 à 21.54.49

Hey Guys!

So every month to do a kind of follow up with my favorites video on my youtube channel I will post the 3 following days my 3 wish lists for the upcoming month. (High end make up, Drugstore make up and fashion).

I have made those wish lists with polyvore and I will link at the end the link so you can have all the references of the products on the pictures if you want as well to get those products.

New look Grey tunic

Simple affordable and vey comfy. I have to admit I already got it, I couldn’t wait! It’s very affordable, soft and flattering. The best way to style it is with a black legging and a large kimono. Stylish and comfy!

New look Star tee

This is so cheap I love it. You know that I am a sucker for things with stars on it and this one would be a great addition to my family. I just can’t find it in store, guess I have to order it online.

New look grey jumper

This is just a great shape for me and the shade of grey is very pretty. I just love how simple and very chic that top is. Again the price is just very good. I guess New look is a big winner this month !

New look mint slip on shoes

It’s mint ! What more can I say ? Oh yes, very comfy and a bit larger than the vans so guess what, even better.

Cath Kidston Painted Daisy Bag

Nice, practical and very pretty for spring. I am in love with the pattern and the pastel colors are just to die for, the bag come in 5 different patterns but this one just stand out for me. also the price is so great for the quality and design.

So overall the amount is £107.96, I got to confess that I already got myself the Grey tunic, the bag and the shoes so I just really need that star tee but it’s impossible to find in store so I guess I will have to order!


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