Let’s talk about lip balm


I know that this post is coming a bit late because it is better to talk about lip balms in winter but  to be perfectly honest with you guys you should use lip balms all year round! It is such an easy and healthy way to treat your lips no matter how the weather is.



Revlon mint Lip butter in the color “Invite only”

That lipstick was a such a pain in the a** to find. Trust me, it was sold out everywhere and so expensive to get it from ebayy or amazon but luck was on my side when I found one in tk maxx.

But even if it is part of their colorburst lip butter lipstick collection well don’t expect any color at all and that’s why I like it. It give you a nice sheer and almost frosted look on the lips. It is very nourishing and so comfortable to wear. Don’t be afraid of sparkles though with that one.


Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Color

That lip balm is amazing for many reasons but overall I like it for 3.

First it is tinted, so when you don’t want to wear anything you can just grab that before leaving the house. It will give your lips a juicy cherry red color that will stay put all day long. The second reason is the formula it is nourishing and buttery, but beware buttery can be quite annoying for a lip balm because it can stain the edges of your mouth!

The third reason is the scent because I cannot get enough, dear lord I spend my time reapplying because I eat it!


Pixi Tinted Shea Lip Butter in Ripe Raspberry

This was sent to me in one of my birch box and I think that so far it is my favorite thing ever.

These tinted balms are loaded up with nourishing, hydrating shea as well as Vitamin E to protect and moisturize lips. Those are comfortable to wear and easy to apply even if they are tinted.

The smell is amazing and very discreet it is not too overwhelming, just enough fruity on your lips.

lipbalm5Carmex Vanilla Lip balm

Everybody is really into the cherry one but personally the vanilla one is the winner of the range.

I love vanilla in everything and lip balms are no exception ! It is quite a pricy range let’s admit it but it is worth it because these babies last for ages.

Love also the formula, buttery and nourishing it can stay on your lips all night long because I mainly use that one overnight and when I wake up in the morning it’s still on. It also soothes and calms your lips and trust me it is the most important thing for me because when I am under pressure I do have weird allergies on my upper lip and this lip balm calms everything down.




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