Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting cream Review


That cream is just something I wasn’t expecting. To be honest I was never really a big fan of all the BB, CC or whatever letter name cream. I always though they were pointless. But recently my skin was a bit dry and very sensitive and with the weather changing it was about time to change my foundation routine.

Estée from Essiebuttons channel on youtube did a really lovely tutorial for a spring make up and that cream was featured. She sold it to me straight away, it was the product I was waiting for. I was not disappointed and recently I have been wearing it everyday.



It’s a tube and I love it. I am big sucker for foundation and liquidy texture in general, if there is a pump it is even better. This product comes in a tube that looks like regular cream tube but the tip is very slim so super easy to apply and manage which means that you will never use more than what you need.

It is 30ml and you only need a little bit so I am pretty sure that it will last me for a long time.



Amazing ! It is a 3 pigments colour corrector and that is why I like it. The apricot color is an anti-fatigue warrior, the green is an anti redness and the white a anti-dark spot which is more than welcome lately. The big plus of that CC cream is the oil free part because my T zone gets oily so I don’t need more, thank you !

It covers pretty well your skin like a foundation would do  and it will correct every little tiny imperfections on your skin. It is a 2 in 1 product for me, I am not even using my foundation this past few days, my face feels less dry and my skin a lot more healthy. It is like wearing a really expensive miracle face cream mixed with a foundation.

I got the shade 31 Ivory and not to mention that it is an SPF15 cream. Like really ? That cc cream is just perfect.

On side note the smell is amazing, it is the signature bourgeois scent quite fruity I really (and weirdly) enjoy smelling that cc cream, it feels also really nice on your face.


Swatch & How to Apply

Swatching a CC cream is a bit tricky but I really wanted to show you how the product look like so you can see that on my pictures it does really look like a medium coverage foundation.

I apply it with my fingers tips to be quite honest,Its lightweight texture easily glides onto your skin for a smooth application. Apply onto the centre of your face and blend outwards towards the jawline. The texture is the perfect in between liquid and thick so you can’t really go wrong when you apply it.

You can powder a tiny bit after to settle your look, I personally use the bourgeois healthy balance one and it is a very good match ! But truthfully you don’t need to and it is a really big selling point for me.


Overall I give it a 10/10 I had a couple of weeks to try it and so far I have nothing wrong to say at all which is something totally new for me ! The price is £9.99 so very affordable and it comes in 4 shades. I just can’t get enough of it.


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