Unboxing : Birchox April 2015


Birchbox : April 2015

This month the box is all about the royal baby and to be quite franc I think it is my favorite box since I subscribe to it! I love everything and beyond, also the quality of the products are amazing. I love the design of the box so bad, the cool thing is that some will get a blue and some a pink and depend of what the baby is some might get a prize so I thought it was pretty great.


Laura Mercier Mascara / Sample size / £5

I am really gutted about that one because we were meant to choose between three Laura Mercier Samples and of course the most interesting one (the primer) was gone. So the mascara was a second choice, but still I am happy because it is a great brand and I have heard only good things about that mascara so I can’t wait to try it.


Lola Barcelona Nail Polish / Garcia / £7.50

Some people are tired about nail polish but personally I am very happy. I love trying out new nail polish brand and this one I have never heard, it is exclusive to birchbox. The color seems to be a very bright fuchsia, I can’t wait to paint my claws now.


Percy & Reed London / Smooth, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No oil oil / £7

I have only hear good things about that no oil oil. It is a pretty big sample (half of the retail size) and as you don’t need a lot it will last me a long time. I love those kind of treatments, my hair are getting damaged easily and need a lot of help to get back on track. It also apparently gives volume so great plus.


Liz Earle Beauty Co / Cleanse & Polish + Muslin Cloth / £6

That was such a surprise. Liz Earle is such a pricy  brand and it came all wrapped up like a present in tissue paper with the muslin cloth. I give it a go tomorrow, again can’t wait to try it out it sounds amazing! It nourish and gives glow so bring it on!


Pommade Divine / Nature Remedy Balm / £3

Never heard of that brand but I always love a good remedy balm because it comes very handy in case of a rash or a cut so I am really pleased. It is small and really easy to carry around. It also multi purpose and natural in the ingredients so it will be a trusty ally.


Inner Me / Energise Me / £10

 First I was skeptical but to be honest my energy level is very down lately and I would give everything a go so why not. It is a blend of millions of vitamins and there is 28 capsule so a full month of try out so it is really great. It is also full size and quite pricy so it is a pleasure to give it a go as it is all natural ingredients as well so well done Birchbox.



Overall Note : 9/10

It could have been a 10 but I am still very upset about the Laura Mercier primer. I love it, they really made an effort this month and the whole box is perfect. Not to mention that I didn’t struggle at all with the post office, the box was waiting for me in front of my door this month.

Value of the box : £38.50


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