Highlighters : 3 Affordable Gems


Highlighters are very close to my heart, it is one of the things I always rave about no matter what the brand is. I have for you three amazing and different in colors highlighters. I have put them to the test and trust me every single one of them is worth trying. Prices go from £16 to £3 so everybody can be happy and try something new. I just love them to bits and just scroll down to read more about them.



Make Up Revolution London (I love Make up) Goddess of Love Highlighter – £4.99

This is my most recent purchase. I heard a lot about that dupe and as far as I am concern I am really pleased. The color is a mix of everything, a bit of gold, champagne, silver, pink. It is beautiful and very settle when you apply it. It is pigmented but not crazy pigmented if you know what I mean. It is impossible to transform your face into a spotlight with that highlighter, it needs a little bit of building up but it is worth it. The price is very attractive and the packaging is so cute for a cheap drugstore brand. I am in love.


Make Up Revolution London Vivid Baked Highlighter in Pink Lights – £3

This is the less expensive of the three but not the least in quality. It is a baked highlighter so you have to be really careful when you apply it and very gentle because it is very pigmented. It has a silver tone and it is really amazing for an evening look. I love the purple tone of this one, never seen it anywhere else and even though it is powdery on your brush it is not on your face. You will have to re apply if you go for a day look but it is so worth it. If you go check the website, you will see that they have two more colors, a peachy and a gold one so if you don’t like that one well try another tone.


The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer – £16

Obviously this is the most expensive of the bunch but it is incredible. You all may know that the balm came up with three different shades of highlighter but this one which is more on the peachy tone is my favorite. The glow given by that highlighter is out of this world it give you a healthy look and it will stay put. I never ever retouch when I apply it and sometimes I use a bit under my eyebrow to highlight my eyes and it is a very big plus. Let’s face it I am deeply in love.


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