#1 Make Up Bag Trilogy : Brands Focus


Make up bag are a very important part in a woman’s life. It can be a trusty friend, a life saviour or simply a small bag of wonder.

I do have an addiction to them and I am not even ashamed of it. I collect them, buy them, love them or hate them. The main reason why I like to change is because make up bags tend to become gross and unattractive at a very fast path with me. Besides since I started to work for Cath Kidston it is really hard to resist every time we have new collections in!

With spring all around us and summer just around the corner it is about time to refresh my make up bag also. So I thought it will be nice to have kind of a make up bag week. I am going to post 3 blogposts plus a short video(It will go live on Saturday) Hope you will enjoy it! And of course this article is the first one of the trilogy.

The second blog post will go live Thursday and it is all about 6 items you need to have in your make up bag for spring.

Third post will be about make up bags. What brand I prefer, price range and tips to get the most out of it.

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Polyvore link

It was really hard to decide and narrow down, as I said I am a proud make up bag addict so there is so many options. I like them all and those are all worth talking about because they all have something special.

Let’s start with the cute Yorkshire puppy face, the brand is Catseye and I believe it is a british one. You can of course find those MUB online but also in Selfridges and many other places around London. I just love the PVC material and it is a pretty wide one and let’s be realistic, that company always come up with the cutest pictures and logo so why not. It is also very affordable and it comes in different sizes.

The Second one is the most expensive of them all, it is a Anya Hindmarch. I saw it in a youtube video (Ingrid Nielson) and fell in love but the price well is pricy ; £195 and then my heart stopped. It is all leather of course and it is full of pockets everywhere for everything, in one word the best travel make up bag you could think about so if you have the money go for it you won’t regret it.

M.A.C and Charlotte Tilbury make up bags are close to my heart as well. I love the sleek design of the M.A.C one and the oh so cute and feminine one fo the Charlotte Tilbury collection. Both are quite expensive but worth every penny.

Cath Kidston one are a must have. Of course I don’t say that because I work for them (again) but only because the variety is very huge and the prices are very cheap for the quality. I tend to prefer the PVC one because usual they come in 3 different size so you can get yourself a matching beauty essentials.

Longchamp travel make up bag are so chic. I do own a brown one and still love it to bits. Those are more purse make up bag due to the size but so handy. Price range is very little for that pricy brand and as you can see mint is the color of the season.

Last but not least John Lewis need to be mentioned because the spring summer collection is freaking cute. I never really had a proper look before and to be fair the selection is good and the prices are very small so if you are on a budget don’t hesitate because they truly worked hard on that collection.


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