#2 Make Up Bag Trilogy : 6 Items you need in your MUB for Spring


Today I wanted to start fresh and share with you 6 products I can’t live without at the moment. As a second topic for the “Make Up Bag Trilogy” it was crucial to explore what you need inside at the moment. I pretty much us them all everyday and it is a really affordable selection. So let’s empty our make up bags and start with new products and colors !

Make up bag in the picture is from Cath Kidston and it is the Painted Daisy Cosmetic Bag.

The items your will need are… 



1 & 2 . A signature Lipstick(s)

I am really into bright colors in spring and this year out of the blue I have decided to go for fuchsia colors. Yes crazy ! But I couldn’t decided so I picked two lippies because as usual I can’t resist.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sorbet

Already in love with the color “Raspberry Pie” it was time to get another one but in a lighter or brighter shade. To be quite faire I wasn’t too sure on that one, at first I really regreted getting that color but with a liner or just as a stain on your lips well for spring it is just perfect.

Color Rush Chubby Stick Rimmel London in Boom Chic a Boom

Chubby sticks are everywhere and stay tuned but soon I will do either a blogpost or a video on “chubby sticks” but let’s focus. That color is amazing and so long lasting, it is unbelievable. Once the glossy effect is gone after couple of hours well it gave your lips a nice stain and it’s not drying at all and very confortable so I would recommend the Rimmel London Chubby Sticks without hesitation.


3. A colorful Blush : NYX Powder Blush in Rose Garden

To be fair at first I was going to pick a cream blush but when I picked that up and swatched it again I couldn’t not mention it. It is very pink and so pigmented. There is glitter I know but in spring time I love to sparkle ! You need that glow and that blush is so pretty and long lasting. You can of course build it to be very light or highly pigmented on your cheeks so don’t be afraid it is really easy to use.


4. A killing eyeshadow : Color Tattoo Maybelline in Rose Gold

Since I have discovered those little pot of joy I can’t get enough of it. I am a very Bronze/brown person usually but for spring it is a little bit too dark. Then it hit me, I mean I got light brown eyes so pretty much every Colors suit me (except blue, ridiculous trust me!) so I decided to go on the pink side of the force. That eyeshadow is just crazy awesome, everytime I put it on I get so many compliments and if you combine it with a really light brown Color in the Crease and a nice Vanilla shade to highlight well it is just the best sweet combo ever for spring. Plus it doesn’t smudge, stay put all day and it is such a piece of cake to apply!


5. A signature bronzer : Chocolate Soleil Too Faced

This one was a though one. I hardly wear bronzer, well don’t get me wrong I do but not every day. I am so pale that I prefer to highlight and play with contour but when the sun is shinning I prefer to look healthy than dead. This one (again a travel size) is just perfect. There is no shimmer whatsoever and the pigmentation is really average so when you are like me and very clumsy on how to apply your bronzer without looking like you counted too many mississipis while applying it (Yup it is a “Friends” joke) it is the best option ever. Not to mention it smells like chocolate.


6. A good highlighter : high beam Benefit

This is the perfect highlighter when the weather is getting a little bit warmer ! During spring time or even summer time I prefer liquid or cream highlighter because you don’t need to re-apply and even if you sweat well the cream/liquid consistency will not go anywhere. I like travel size products that’s why I prefer getting samples, it is so small. Easy to carry around and to touch up if you want a more dramatic look for an evening out.



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