#3 Make Up Bag Trilogy : My Travel Make Up Bag


Last blogpost of the Make Up Bag Trilogy and it is a special one. I am just going to talk about my tips and tricks, things I bring, how I organise it and of course the make up bag itself.

At the end make sure you play the video so you can see inside of that travel make up bag because I have also included my “lipstick make up bag” as a bonus.

 After few months on the hunt for the perfect travel make up well I was a bit upset because nothing didn’t suit me at all. But when we got those new shapes at work I was so thrilled. As I said in the previous post I had a big crush on the Anya Hindmarsh one but the price is too expensive for me but this Cath Kidston bag is pretty much the same concept for less money.

I love the fact that it is see through and there is 3 different compartments, so I can store my brushes and pencils safe separate from the rest. It is big but not too big and the pvc is going to make everything so much easier if something spills inside!

When I travel I do not travel light but I do make a list before and think about things I have to do or events I have to attend so I can picture what kind of make up I will need to do. Easy peasy ! Those holidays are a no brainer but you know me I like my make up on even if I am just going shopping with my Mum or dine with some friends.

I didn’t pack any foundation or palette, my naked 2 basics will be more than enough but I did pack a few shadows and bits and pieces. I do not carry 3 millions blushes or 4 different mascaras no. I pick a sample size of my favorites and I’ll try to make sure (in my head) that I am going to use it.

Also in terms of brushes just grab the one you use to most or the one that can be use on different part of your face, for exemple the blush brush I am packing can be use as a powder brush.

Overall I am not trying to pack just the essentials because I am a make up addict, it would be foolish but I am trying not look too cray cray. Just be simple and realistic because it is stupid to pack your whole make up collection if you are going on a chill out holidays time. My advice, just plan and make lists!

Now hit the play button of the video and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!


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