5 Products I regret Buying


In the life of a beauty Blogger you try a lot of things so there is a lot of hit and miss in general. Globally I think I am doing a pretty good job because first I am on a budget and second well I do take my time to choose what I want.

But unfortunately when I have “purged” my collection 10 products didn’t impress me at all. I had to put them aside and decide what to do with them because I don’t like them at all. I have divided those products in two different blogpost so you won’t be overwhelmed and I am just going to give you my general feedback because after all I want to stay positive.

So it is not a “HATE” blogpost but sometimes honesty is a good thing in the beauty world. After all I am here to talk about make up so it is pretty healthy to review things that are not suitable for me. Again good for you if you appreciate  those products but for me the chemistry simply didn’t happen.


Benefit | Posie Tint | Poppy Pink

I just don’t get how you use that product and that is maybe why I don’t like it. Thanks God it is a sample size so I didn’t pay a lot for it but still. It is too liquid for my cheek and way to slippery for my lips, plus it catch every dry patches on my lips and I can’t manage to blend it on my cheek so really I don’t get that product and the retail price is very high so I would be really careful if I were you, just swatch it please!


Beauty Uk | Conceal & Correct | N°1

This is a cheap brand that you can find at superdrug but cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality. This ones does but don’t get me wrong it is just that the color was way too dark even if it is the n°1 and it didn’t cover anything and after a couple of hours POUF nothing left on my skin so coverage is zero. Maybe my skin absorb it who knows but overall, just didn’t work for me.


Maybelline | Colorsensational | 852 Coral Pearl

I knew that the “Pearl’ was not a good sign. Usually I am a big fan of the Maybelline lip products, seriously I own so many but sometimes when they create a collection some of the formula within the same collection are very rubbish. That color is just not made for me, it is way too glittery and the smell is not something that I like at all (like an old lady lipstick). So that is a big no no for me and no “pearl” names in my lipsticks in the near future.


Maybelline | Colour Show | 342 Coral Craze

Maybelline is not in the spotlight today ladies! Well let just say that the color show is not something for me. I was really nice because I do own 2 more colors of that range and I did not mention them but those nail polishes will end up the same way as this one : in the bin. The texture is just really sticky, glumpy and it takes forever to dry and the color is not really nice more of a “crab shell” color than coral so nope thank you.


Rimmel London | Gel Eyeliner | 001 Black

I was so thrilled when it came out, seriously I was waiting for that drugstore gel liner and when it finally arrived well I was not impressed. The brush is too hard to work with and the gel is way too thick, very waxy in my opinion. I tried it few times believe me because I wanted to love it but magic didn’t happen. Plus It smudge easily and it is not very black in my sense.

Stay tuned because Next week I will post the 5 other products. Have a nice day!



My Summer Essentials

Capture d’écran 2015-06-17 à 15.08.04

Lately all the social medias platforms are all about summer. Summer is not yet here but I thought that talking about my summer essentials was the best way to get into the summer spirit and celebrate the arrival of that glorious time of the year on sunday.

1. A Go to T-shirt

I have to say that I am not a girly girl. I like to be comfortable so you will not see me with a huge hat and stylish sandals. I like to be casual, cute and smart so during summer when everything get sweaty and sticky I like to grab a statement t-shirt to go along a skirt or a pair of jeans.

2. A colorful Skirt

Recently I have rediscovered Skirts, mainly due the fact that I have to wear the collections at work. And I have to admit it, I love it! So on the picture you can see a coral one but any color will do. White is perfect or black if you are not in the mood of colors but trust me coral is THE summer color for 2015.

3. A Coral Purse

I love the brand Sabrina Paris. I do own a couple of bags and some accessories and let me just say that collection after collection they have never stopped to blow my mind! During summer it is great to have that cute bag, not too big and not too small that would be easy to carry but yet big enough to contain the essentials while your are wandering about town. Check their website, if you sign up today you’ll get access to the private sale until the 23rd of june and it’s up to 50% off so why not.

4. A pastel pair of Trainers

Because summer is not just all bout sandals, trainers can be the star of the season. New balance is always a brand I’m coming back to (coughing – 3 pairs already!) and that color combo is just perfect. White, pink, coral with a hint of grey ? Dear Lord, that is the definition of my wardrobe color scheme. Plus when you live in a big city like London you need to get comfy so if you can be comfy and cute, why not ?

5. A nice Big Shawl

I am pretty sure that you were wondering why I did not talk yet about Cath Kidston. Then here we go, since we got in that shawl I can’t leave the house without it. Light weight but yet very warm when it gets chilly at night plus it is big enough to wrap myself in if I am not wearing a jacket so you need one in your life, now!

6. A nude Nail Polish

I know summer is colorful and very bright but if your whole outfit is very bright well give your nails a break. I love that Essie “Sand Tropez” color, it’s a nude for sure but there is a bit of a hint of everything in the color and as a big PLUS it is so beautiful if you have a tan.

7. A fresh Scent

I love the fact that in summer we get to use again those great scent like coconut, mango or my favorite : Vanilla ! So sorry collection of heavy perfume but during summer I like a splash of vanilla perfume one me. It was really hard to find one that would stick to my skin all day long but I found a hidden gem in the whole food and it is called Pacifica. That brand is amazing and the scent island vanilla is just to die for. Love the roller perfume, it stick to my skin straight away and last all day long.

8. A very Glowy Make up Combo

Let’s face it during summer we love our face free of make up and our hair wild but in reality we have to work a little harder to look like we just got out of the beach. My secrets are simple : A good highlighter (Nars – Albatross), A warm bronzer (Stila – Bronzing powder) and A Peachy lipgloss (Buxom – Creamsicle). Sounds very basic but a little of mascara, concealer and BOOM your are good to go.


Stila Steals|Tk Maxx Hidden Gems


This was not something I was planning to buy but when make up bargains happen well there is nothing you can do about it expect getting your credit card ready.

Stila is a brand with prices in between drugstore and high end, don’t get wrong it took me years before buying recently my first blush because I didn’t know what to do with that brand reputation. I love it so far, the cream blush I got (full price) is amazing so far but I wanted to try more.

My wish was granted because the other day when I was casually walking in Tk Maxx make up corner, well I almost had a heart attack. Those 3 products cost me £10.91 all together and the weirdest thing is that you can still buy them full price right now if you go on their website and the price is not the same (£46) so I didn’t have to think twice, I took those 3 products home straight away.


Stila | Kajal Eye Liner | Tigers Eyes

Love it, texture is smooth, pigmentation is beyond anything I own and the best thing is the opaque consistency. No glitter whatsoever and it compliment my eye color so well. Stila Eye Liners in general are one of the best in the beauty world and at £2.99 this was more than a bargain.


Stila | Color Balm Lipstick | Gabrielle

Let me tell you a little story before I start my review. When I got the blush few weeks ago I also had my eyes on that products and it took me a lot of will power and around 5mn to leave the Stila counter without it. God Bless my will power because £3.99 VS £16 well I would have been pretty upset, let me tell ya!

The color is a lovely nude pink with a slight peachy undertone, the texture is very creamy and pigmented. I love the minty scent of that product, some might not like it but for me it is a huge selling point. The packaging is also adorable let’s face it so I am so happy with that lipstick overall.


Stila | Bronzing Powder Shade n°2 

Ok so I wasn’t really in need of a new bronzer, not going to lie but I couldn’t resist the price and the cute packaging. There is star all over it!!! Also I wasn’t sure about the shade because I am very pale but for £3.99 I took the risk and damn I was right. I did my make up today and used it to contour my face and it is so easy to blend, the undertone is a very light gold color so it gave my skin a pop of color I wasn’t expecting, I just adore it. I would wait though to get back a little bit of tan on my face to use it as a bronzer because it is slightly darker than my skin tone but wow, impressed!