June Fashion Wishlist 2015

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Polyvore Link

Hey Guys!

So every month to do a kind of follow up with my favorites video on my youtube channel I will post the following week my 2 wish lists for the upcoming month (One Make up Related, the other Fashion).

I have made those wish lists with polyvore and I will link at the end the link so you can have all the references of the products on the pictures if you want as well to get those products.

This month it’s a bit tricky because it is not yet really warm outside and half of my really warm clothe are locked up in a suitcase away waiting for fall and winter. So even if we are in June now, well I don’t fell the summer vibe around me! Still I want to renew my wardrobe for summer and get some statement piece. Life is hard I am telling you!

Let’s start with the shoes ! I am going to tell you a little story about it, many month ago I was being nosy around Instagram and came across a picture of _ _ _ that I loved so much! On the picture were the peach,mint and grey new balance, wait what ? Couldn’t find it anywhere and then I changed my phone and the picture was gone. I forgot about it and decided like a week a go to try and find the picture again then I fell in love again. Those are the perfect colour shoes for and for summer that would be perfect. Plus you all know that New balance are so comfy!

The skirt is a bit of a cheat one because I got it 2 days ago. To be fair it was already part of my Wishlist so I don’t feel guilt. On the D day Gap was doing a 30% off event on all women cloth so hell to the YES it was shopping time. Prepare yourself a haul is coming ! That skirt is a middie one and be details are so cute, the material is so light and breathable ! Can’t wait to wear it during summer (real summer!).

The dream catcher top is from New Look. A bit of an obsession lately. Those are the kind of top I like to wear all the time. Cute, comfy, large but yet very feminin. If you through that one pair of jeans with some slip on you are good to go. Love it!

The other top is kind of a blouse. I am more into skirt lately and I don’t own that many top to go with skirts so I need to work on that. Plus it’s pastel and that would match perfectly my Gap skirt.

Last the hat and earrings are things are don’t really need but I don’t own it either. I believe that you need to get nice accessories for summer ! It makes everything nicer and colourful ! Yeah also again dream catcher ! I am obsessed I think !


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