Unboxing : June Birchbox 2015

junebirch15Birchbox : June 2015

This month was again a really good month, that box is amazing ! Of course I am not going to lie I had problems getting my box which is so frustrating. The first one was never delivered to me so I had to complain and finally another one was sent. Again great customer service but please stop using Yodel, royal mail was better. Anyway this month they have a partnership with the brand french sole and 3 different style were available for the box and I chose the Paris one, of course! Guess I am really tired of flowers lately, no wonder lol.



English Laundry / N°7 for her / £1

This is the most annoying thing to get in a box. Tiny perfume sample, because it’s like “common, really ? I can get that anywhere and ask for it at the counter in a department store” but it smells good so it was a pleasure to discover a new perfume with a fresh and nice scent.

Yes to / Cucumbers facial wipes / £1.66

Love Yes To. It is one of my favorite skin care, I do own several pack of their wipes but not that one. Not too keen on cucumbers but I guess that it is amazing like the rest so really pleased to have a travel size of that brand. Very handy !

Balance me / Super moisturizing body wash / £4.50

Such a big sample ! Birch box I am very impressed well done. The only thing is that I don’t really like balance me so far. I got few month ago a cleanser and it was oily and terrible, plus de smell was EW! But I am willing to give it a go. It smells like herbs or medicine, weird. But if I don’t like it my husband does so still very good.

Beauty Protector / Protect and Detangle / £2.14

Why is the sample so small ? That stuff is amazing! It smells like cotton candy (ah ah!) and it has worked so well on my hair. I mean it really detangle, my hair are shiny and I smell like I have been baking sweets all day. Need to get the full size asap !


Mirenesse / Glossy Kiss in Cheeky Kiss / £8.75

It is the more pricy of all the sample. Yes believe it or not it is half the size of the full size so well done again. I gave it a go but It look really funny on me, It has a gold undertone and that does’t suit me at all. I know for sure that my friend Nina is going to love it though, so still good sample for me !

STYlondon / Temporary Metallic Tattoo / £7.99

Love it, many youtubers are using them so I was really curious. It is a true festival look and I am not a festival girl but doesn’t matter I can’t wait to try that out this summer, I got really pretty one, very lucky! That feather is so pretty.

Birch box French sole / Shoes bag / £1

I say £1 just to give it a price but that bag is awesome, the size is small though I guess it can only contain small ballet pump but still you can use in so many ways and trust me girls you can’t never have too many drawstring bag in your life.

Overall Note : 8/10

Again, it is a great really box. Even if not all the items are good for me I can easily give it away or find a solution around so it is a win win situation. I like that fact that it gave me an idea on pricy products. I prefer paying for samples a small amount of money than spending my money on a full size one that I am not going to like so thank you birch box. Now I need to get that Beauty protector, can’t wait!

Value of the box : £23.04


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