Stila Steals|Tk Maxx Hidden Gems


This was not something I was planning to buy but when make up bargains happen well there is nothing you can do about it expect getting your credit card ready.

Stila is a brand with prices in between drugstore and high end, don’t get wrong it took me years before buying recently my first blush because I didn’t know what to do with that brand reputation. I love it so far, the cream blush I got (full price) is amazing so far but I wanted to try more.

My wish was granted because the other day when I was casually walking in Tk Maxx make up corner, well I almost had a heart attack. Those 3 products cost me £10.91 all together and the weirdest thing is that you can still buy them full price right now if you go on their website and the price is not the same (£46) so I didn’t have to think twice, I took those 3 products home straight away.


Stila | Kajal Eye Liner | Tigers Eyes

Love it, texture is smooth, pigmentation is beyond anything I own and the best thing is the opaque consistency. No glitter whatsoever and it compliment my eye color so well. Stila Eye Liners in general are one of the best in the beauty world and at £2.99 this was more than a bargain.


Stila | Color Balm Lipstick | Gabrielle

Let me tell you a little story before I start my review. When I got the blush few weeks ago I also had my eyes on that products and it took me a lot of will power and around 5mn to leave the Stila counter without it. God Bless my will power because £3.99 VS £16 well I would have been pretty upset, let me tell ya!

The color is a lovely nude pink with a slight peachy undertone, the texture is very creamy and pigmented. I love the minty scent of that product, some might not like it but for me it is a huge selling point. The packaging is also adorable let’s face it so I am so happy with that lipstick overall.


Stila | Bronzing Powder Shade n°2 

Ok so I wasn’t really in need of a new bronzer, not going to lie but I couldn’t resist the price and the cute packaging. There is star all over it!!! Also I wasn’t sure about the shade because I am very pale but for £3.99 I took the risk and damn I was right. I did my make up today and used it to contour my face and it is so easy to blend, the undertone is a very light gold color so it gave my skin a pop of color I wasn’t expecting, I just adore it. I would wait though to get back a little bit of tan on my face to use it as a bronzer because it is slightly darker than my skin tone but wow, impressed!


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