5 Products I regret Buying


In the life of a beauty Blogger you try a lot of things so there is a lot of hit and miss in general. Globally I think I am doing a pretty good job because first I am on a budget and second well I do take my time to choose what I want.

But unfortunately when I have “purged” my collection 10 products didn’t impress me at all. I had to put them aside and decide what to do with them because I don’t like them at all. I have divided those products in two different blogpost so you won’t be overwhelmed and I am just going to give you my general feedback because after all I want to stay positive.

So it is not a “HATE” blogpost but sometimes honesty is a good thing in the beauty world. After all I am here to talk about make up so it is pretty healthy to review things that are not suitable for me. Again good for you if you appreciate  those products but for me the chemistry simply didn’t happen.


Benefit | Posie Tint | Poppy Pink

I just don’t get how you use that product and that is maybe why I don’t like it. Thanks God it is a sample size so I didn’t pay a lot for it but still. It is too liquid for my cheek and way to slippery for my lips, plus it catch every dry patches on my lips and I can’t manage to blend it on my cheek so really I don’t get that product and the retail price is very high so I would be really careful if I were you, just swatch it please!


Beauty Uk | Conceal & Correct | N°1

This is a cheap brand that you can find at superdrug but cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality. This ones does but don’t get me wrong it is just that the color was way too dark even if it is the n°1 and it didn’t cover anything and after a couple of hours POUF nothing left on my skin so coverage is zero. Maybe my skin absorb it who knows but overall, just didn’t work for me.


Maybelline | Colorsensational | 852 Coral Pearl

I knew that the “Pearl’ was not a good sign. Usually I am a big fan of the Maybelline lip products, seriously I own so many but sometimes when they create a collection some of the formula within the same collection are very rubbish. That color is just not made for me, it is way too glittery and the smell is not something that I like at all (like an old lady lipstick). So that is a big no no for me and no “pearl” names in my lipsticks in the near future.


Maybelline | Colour Show | 342 Coral Craze

Maybelline is not in the spotlight today ladies! Well let just say that the color show is not something for me. I was really nice because I do own 2 more colors of that range and I did not mention them but those nail polishes will end up the same way as this one : in the bin. The texture is just really sticky, glumpy and it takes forever to dry and the color is not really nice more of a “crab shell” color than coral so nope thank you.


Rimmel London | Gel Eyeliner | 001 Black

I was so thrilled when it came out, seriously I was waiting for that drugstore gel liner and when it finally arrived well I was not impressed. The brush is too hard to work with and the gel is way too thick, very waxy in my opinion. I tried it few times believe me because I wanted to love it but magic didn’t happen. Plus It smudge easily and it is not very black in my sense.

Stay tuned because Next week I will post the 5 other products. Have a nice day!


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