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Polyvore Link

Hey Guys!

So every month to do a kind of follow up with my favorites video on my youtube channel I will post the following week my 2 wish lists for the upcoming month (One Make up Related, the other Fashion).

I have made those wish lists with polyvore and I will link at the end the link so you can have all the references of the products on the pictures if you want as well to get those products.

So summer is finally here (was about time!) and I realized that I am really poor in terms of fashion. Do not judge me because I live in London Guys so it is really hard when you are on a budget to spend your money on something you are realistically going to wear only few weeks so no more birkenstock or flip flop for me but comfy slip on is my key summer fashion piece so I have my eyes on those nude one from Gap finger crossed it will be discounted in the sales but so far nope but let’s hope for the best.

Also the skirt, I got last month the white one and damn, now it is in the sale I am so freakin’ frustated but the black is on sale also, downside is I can’t find it in my size as it is on sale but I will carry on hoping into different Gap stores to find it. Love that skirt, such a discovery ! Talking about Gap the grey shirt next to it is also from Gap love a nice dark grey statement shirt to go with a middie skirt  because crop top are not made for me.

The New York tank top is from New Look, unexpressive and very cute, need to get my hands quickly on that top. Jean wise I need a new boyfriend pair of jeans, when you are curvy trust me those are the best shape on earth and your ankles can breath, love it!

Just in General (on a side note) my main shops for summer are going to be Gap and New Look because in reality well sales are really great and as you don’t break the bank you can get so much more. I am so weak when Gap is on sale Guys…


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