This month is very summery indeed we are in July. So brace yourself no I experienced no delivery problem and the birch bag, yes it is a bag and not a box this month is such a blast! I love it, the products selection and quality of the pouch is amazing and every single products fit to my needs so Birchbox team, you nailed it.


UNANI | Aloe Vera Gel |  £2.30 (30ml)

That is something that is missing in beauty routine throughout summer so I am really please to get something to try out with Aloe Vera. After all my legs are covered with mosquitos bite so I am sure it is going to help. The sample size is also very generous so I could give a full review at some point.

SOIGNE | Nail lacquer in “Menthe” |  Full Size £11

Dear Lord! Mint is my favorite color but I never heard about that brand so I guess that my next manicure color will be that one. Texture looks thick and not too watery, I love the brush so I will get back to you when I complete my manicure.

POP BEAUTY | Eyeshadow trio in Peach parfait | £4.65 (3 eyeshadows)

Again never heard of the brand but take a look at the picture at the end of the post. The texture is very rich and the colors are very pigmented so I can’t wait to give it go because I am impressed.

BENEFIT COSMETICS | Dream Screen | £3.33 (6ml)

The size of that sample is tiny but you don’t need a lot as it is for your face so I already tried it because I received my birch box before I got ready this morning and so far so good, it was a beautiful sunny day in London, I was out and about and still fresh as a daisy, no red nose or red cheeks! yeah!

BIONIKE  |  Defence tolerance essential cleansing water |  £0.93 (15ml)

I have to say that I am a little bit like “hum ok, well…” on that one, it a cleaning water so personally when I use that kind of product I use quite a bit on a cotton pad and the sample size is so small, I can barely have two use of it so hard to say if I like it or not but still can wait to try it.

SPA TO YOU |  Nail File |  Full size £2.99

Weirdly I was happy to get a nail file, I only have crappy one that you can find for like a £1 at boots and lately I was thinking of buying a more expensive one for my purse so yeah! You know little joy of life!


Overall Note : 9/10

I love the bag concept, they really should keep it because it’s always great to get make up bag/ zip pouch instead of box because quite frankly I can build a castle with mine. So the inside of the bag is very good and I would have picked out that for myself, very impressed with this month. The note is not a full 10 because some sample sizes could be bigger, it is m only complain but let’s be honest birch box is a sample service so let’s be realistic!

Value of the box : £25.20

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