Nars Albatross | Review


NARS  | Albatross Highlighter  | £23

That Highlighter is something everybody is talking about and to be fair if you know me I don’t like to be a sheep and follow trend. Usually I like to try things months and sometimes years after all the fuss, yeah I know I am weird but the more people are talking about a product the more I feel not interested by that same product.

So now that the Nars Albatross trend is gone (well almost, not totally!) well it is time for me to try it and put it to the Allie’s test !

1. Packaging

This is my first Nars product (no it’s a lie, got an eyeshadow a week before that but let’s ignore that fact) so I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. I am a big fan of pretty and heavy packaging like the one from Too Faced or Benefit but let’s face it a very nice and elegant one like the Nars one are just a pleasure to feel and look at. I love also the big mirror inside ! The only downside is the texture of the compact, it catch all the glitter or powder if you put it in your make up bag so my advice : keep it in the box !

2. Formula

Like nothing I tried before. I love the fact that it is not BOOM in your face. It is way more discreet and elegant than any of my highlighter. It is not powdery and a dream to blend. It is very pigmented so beware, a quick swatch on your upper bone and that is about it. It is also long lasting, when I work during 8hours I don’t even need to touch up and even at the end of the day when I remove my make up well it is still there.

3. Price and Overall impression

I got it for almost two weeks now and I can’t even think about getting back to my old highlighter. No joke ! The price is £23, I know but the size is huge and you use such a little amount per application so trust me Albatross will be in your life for a long time.

It is not for every skin tone, let’s face it ! I would recommend it for skin like mine (light) to a really normal to medium skin tone at the most. On dark skin that would look ridiculous and very powdery so beware ladies. It is also a great color to highlight your brow bone and to blend in the inter corner of your eyes.

So £23 is an investment but worth it for the Nars Albatross. My Note is a 10/10 withtout any arguments, I am very pleased and it looks so beautiful which is let’s be real is the first thing we (girls) look at!


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