Cargo Tinted Moisturizer┃Review


Cargo | Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Let me start that blog post on a very positive note by saying that I was wrong. For a long time I was not feeling at all the tinted moisturizer vibe and didn’t understand the hype around that kind of product and I was so wrong.  Cargo is a brand I have never tried before, I heard of course about it but never had the chance to try something in the past. Tk Maxx gave me the opportunity to put the brand and that type of beauty product to the test and let me say that I am very surprised.


Formula and Packaging

Packing is very cute, professional and luxurious. I have done my research and the original price (That product is still on the Cargo website, yup !) is 36$ so you can feel it by just touching the box. The product is very simple and so neat I love a simple and grown up packaging and you can see the color through the squeeze tube so it is very convenient.

The color I have is Ivory and it is matching my skin perfectly. It give me a glow and it is so easy to apply, you just need your finger tips ! What a piece of cake. The formula is very liquid but not slippery plus you can build it up to give your skin a decident amount of coverage. It is a moisturizer so it is of course not the same as a foundation but when you swatch it or look at it well it’s hard to tell. It last all day and it is not sticky at all. I did powder my face for a more matte result.


Swatch and Final Thoughts

On my skin as you can see it look so natural and glowy. It give your skin the best amount of moisture that you need and that luminous “feel good” sensation. In other words I look tan and very healthy and it is what summer is all about for me.

I give that product a 10/10 without any further comment. I love everything in that product and now during summer it is going to be my go to “foundation” for sure. Not to mention that it last all day without any touch up, of course you need to powder after few hours because some of you might prefer to get a matte finish.


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