Buxom Full-on Lip Polish┃Review


Buxom Full-on Lip Polish┃Kanani

Buxom is a brand only sold in the states and recently TK Maxx in the Uk was stocking them (and they ares still doing it I think so run ladies!) and what a bargain only £5.99 for one instead of 19$ so hell yeah !

I never had the chance to try that brand before (and recently it is the case of all the brand I am trying out apparently) and I am in love. That color is stunning and the formula amazing, I will never go back to drugstore lip glosses after that, well will see but at the moment I can’t get enough.



I just love it! Honestly, I love the fact that they gave all of their gloss for that line a Female name, the collection has around a hundred of different shades so it is really hard to choose from. Just go over the Sephora website and you will see it with your own eyes, one is also name after me “Allison” ! I guess I need to own it.

Kanani is a very sheer, pigmented raspberry pink ! By looking at all the colors I can tell that it is not the case of all the colors so you will need to swatch them if you don’t like sheer lip glosses. I also own the color “Trixie” and by all means it is less pigmented, I love it very much but I prefer more pop of colors on my lips.

Swatch and Formula

The formula is so opaque and the texture is very confortable to wear. I love the fact that the wand give you the right amount of control so it doesn’t go everywhere plus it is very shimmery and it gives you a tingling, plumping effect. I really do feel that my lips are fuller when I have it on so it is amazing and everything they promise on the packaging is true.

The great fact about that brand is that the lip polish are free from Paraben, Sulfates and Phthalates which means that it is better for you skin and for sensitive people (like me) it will not cause some allergy or consequences if you wear it all day long.

I really recommend that brand and those particular lip polish, a Lip cream is waiting for me in France so I can’t wait to talk about it in a futur blog post.


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