Pretty Little Liars – My Theory –



Cece Is Bethany

During the season finale 6×10 something really shocked me more than anything (SPOILER : more than CeCe Being -A). We all know that -A is a psycho, master manipulor driven by the thirst of hurting people and we are pushed to believe that this human being is CeCe Drake aka Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.

Make sense, I almost got sucked in the « let’s tell the truth » vicious circle of that episode. But let’s rewind, are we really meant to believe all the things that are coming out from CeCe’s mouth ? I don’t think so. Plus I don’t believe at all the the game is « over » when it comes from someone pretending to be -A.

What I am trying to say is that CeCe is not Uber -A at all, she is just here to fill the gap and cover for someone else. We got answers but it is all very messy and a lot of things don’t add up at all (let’s not even talk about Toby’s Mom Marion Death).

So I have screen Shot you the exact moment I felt there was more to the story and that is when CeCe is telling Ali that she went to charles funeral and came back as Charlotte in Radley.

My Theory is the following :

I strongly believe that Cece is Bethany because first the little girl in the flashback is in her features very similar and obvisouly because of what she said. She really seemed to believe that Charles is another person (and not like Charles belong to the past now I am Charlotte) and seems to emphasis that part a lot. I do believe that in the scene CeCe is at her weakest point she ever been as her, -A and in the entire show.


In my opinion what CeCe is telling us during that episode is a mix of truth an lies. That flashback with Marion is really important because maybe Charles really pushed Toby’s Mom and that is why Mrs D had to make believe he was dead or indeed Bethany pushed her and took her away to put her back in Radley under the name of “Charlotte”.

Bethany and Charles were really close without knowing there were family (I am so sure about it) they could be cousins or siblings. If they are siblings well fate is not really nice with the Dilaurentis so Mrs D lied and told different stories so no one will discover that both Charles and Bethany are her children. I do believe though that Mr D is not Bethany father and I also do believe that Charles was a nice kid and that his transgender problem was too much of a burden so Mr D got rid of him for the wrong reasons. As for Bethany she was probably psycho and had to be put in Radley for many reasons.

Let me also remind you guys that in the past we were told that Mrs D took care of Bethany a lot and we heard a tape on which Bethany is saying that she hates Mrs D. So there was for sure a relationship between Mrs D and her now we have to discover which one.


If Bethany is Mrs D Niece that would mean that she is the child of that famous aunt Carol (which I do believe is Mrs D twin) and that is why Aunt Carol visited her so many times and why « Charles » was buried in her garden, everybody was keeping a secret for another secret.


Now for Charles he might be really Dead and Bethany is using the transgender excuse to make believe that she is Charles or he was send away, got free and is the real Uber -A using Bethany/CeCe to cover his mess and little torturing game.  That would explain why at the end of that episode in the time jump the girls are talking about a « he « being after Ali.

To make it short I do believe that CeCe is Bethany, helping Charles the real Uber -A.

10 Questions that need answer to my opinion :

  1. I still don’t get though who Sara Harvey is and what is her background story ?
  2. who is in the grave because it is suppose to be Bethany as Mona admitted killing her during that famous night in the season 6×10 finale.
  3. Why is Mrs D not shocked when in the flashback CeCe is dating Jason her brother ! Mrs D is more preoccupied by the situation around Charles/CeCe secret that the gross dating situation between her children.
  4. Who was Ali running away from this entire time when she was suppose to be “dead”?
  5. Why Bethany is not someone we seen as a Grown up ?
  6. Is Rhys Uber -A aka real Charles ? Because I know that he was supposedly hired by CeCe but common he is so looking like a DiLaurentis.
  7. What really happened to Maya ?
  8. How did Charles/CeCe got the medical supply to go through a sex change in a asylum ?
  9. There was a male figure to portrait -A many times the last season (5) and this season (6) so who is it ? (for exemple when the girls were abducted in the van before ending up in the dollhouse a Hooded guy opened the door not a girl.)
  10. Who Killed Mrs D ? Because first she knew and was shocked by the person who killed her and if it was Mr D as everybody think CeCe would have killed him because let’s face it -A knows everything.

Now tell me your theories, point of view and comment please! that Episode finale was not satisfying at all, I want more and I need answers so please let’s share our thoughts.


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