The Body Shop – Body Butter Coconut Review


The Body Shop – Body Butter Coconut

It took me while but I finally stepped into the Body shop and I got myself a body butter, I am proud of myself and ready to do a full review for you guys.

First let me give you some background. I do have a very dry skin and over the years it is not getting better which means that nowadays I do apply Body Lotion like crazy but my skin is so thirsty that it only takes few hours until it goes dry again. I need to carry around a small body lotion in my bag because after a while I have dry patches around my ankles and my feet and first it is not pretty and second I don’t feel comfortable. True story!

So I have tried everything and based upon many reviews and blogpost I have decide to give the Body Shop Body Butter a go.

I am not stupid though. I have realized that they do have a travel size for almost all of their body products so I got the £5 travel size one instead of the big £14 one. Why ? Because at the end if I don’t like it first it is a waste of money and second a waste of product and let’s be real, giving away skin care is gross. So travel size here we go at least I would not regret it.

Another big problem is choosing a scent because to be quite honest that is the mean problem when you enter in one of The Body Shop. I was really torn between Raspberry and Coconut and well Coconut won because in my mind coconut is way better for dry skin and well it smells like holidays.

But beware, the scent is not sweet. At first when I smelled it in the shop I loved it but once it is on your skin well it is very strong, you smell like a coconut curry. I got use to it and now I love it but if you are more on the sweet side go for a fruity scent, that is more safe but to me it is different and way more comforting that I gave it go, not everything have to been strong and sweet in cosmetics!

Now the texture. Same as the smell I wasn’t sure at the beginning because it is so so thick! When it says butter, it is butter. No joke! You don’t need a lot at all. But when you try it once you will never get back to your usual body lotion. When you have dry skin it is just heaven because it is sinking into the skin and it stays there for a very long time and you can feel it straight away. Even if it is butter it is not greasy so you can jump into your clothe straight away, so when you are in a hurry in the morning that is a very big plus.

I gave that cream a week of trial and I am convinced. I will definitely go back and get the full size one along with the raspberry one for a more sweet option or a scrub. They do offers constantly so you can get two body products for £18 and that is a good deal but same didn’t get it at first because I didn’t wanted to splurge my money on something I wasn’t sure. Overall I don’t need to carry around my body cream for touch up like an old lady anymore, my skin feels hydrated all the time and even if the travel size is smaller as you don’t need a big amount well you can use it for a long time.

My Note : 8/10

Why ? Because I ‘m still a bit off about the full size price and even if I love the not sweet scent now well it is very surprising the first few time you use it.

I highly recommend that product to every dry skin but try out a travel size first, it is safe and money saving.


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