MRL | Ultra Blush Palette-Sugar and Spice


MAKE UP REVOLUTION LONDON  | Ultra Blush Palette-Sugar and Spice

This palette is something I was meant to get many month ago but either I forget to get it or I just simply can’t find it or the only left are damaged. So at the end I finally got it and I am very happy so far about it. The price is very tiny (£6), like all the Make Up Revolution products anyway. You get 8 blushes of decent sizes, not too big, not too small and let’s face it who is ever going through a whole blush palette ? So it is very convenient.


The packaging is very simple and practical, honestly for the price it is very nice to get a big mirror inside and a box that actually close and not just clap. It doesn’t come with a brush but to be fair who is ever using brushes in palette, even very high end one are most the time Rubbish in quality.

The only thing that I don’t like (packaging wise) is the fact that you don’t get any names for the blushes. Ok it is not necessary but let me tell you why it is for me. First it is so annoying when you are reviewing them because a part from describing the blush you can’t refer to it so not clever. Reason number two is simply the fact that come on, even if you a are a cheap brand you could have come with names, it takes a minute to create them and Write them at the back of the palette. Then my last reason is because I said so ! Seriously it might be very childish but for me 30% of the reason why I buy a make up item is packaging and names so it is very frustrating.


To be perfectly honest I was really disappointed with the last 2, very shalky and not pigmented at all. Colours look pretty in the pan but on the back of your hand it doesn’t show anything. Texture is very powdery and the frosting finish not flattering. I mean I don’t really how I can wear that, maybe as a highlighter but not convinced.

The other 6 colours that is another story. As you can see they are pigmented, buttery and bold. Not a single shimmer and very buildable with an angle brush. On the website they referring to that palette as a contour one also, which is a thing that is not written on the actual packaging but sincerely even if we have 2 brown/natural shades I am sorry but I would not contour my face with that.

The 6 matte colors are very easy to wear and long wearing. I love the fact that there is a color for everyone, no matter how dark or fair is your skin well it would work. In the same collection they have two more palette I believe, one Golden sugar and one made of bronze colors but this one works best for me so if you are more on the gold/brown side just go and check out those palettes.


Overall this is an amazing product, good price and amazing quality. The palette is also totally made to travel with and it will last you forever because of the high pigmentation you only need a tiny amount on your cheeks.

I give that palette a 8/10 just because of the two very powdery colors, too bad I was really looking for a good “on a budget” baked blush, well I guess the hunt is not over.


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