Make up Brands : Why ?

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This Post is just to let my frustration go away because man I am tired. It is going to sound very stupid and selfish (Yeah, for some people) but the fact that some Brands are not available in certain countries is really bugging me.

When you watch YouTube channels or when you read blogpost about beauty products and make up items well most of the time you just want say “Ok, just take my money I need this in my life”. Unfortunatly most of the time it is not possible because hey You are in the Uk and that YouTuber is in the US. So that thought came to me  : What the hell ?

I do believe and understand that there is rules, that shipping cost a lot and bla bla but come one brands get it together. Especially now that we have internet and that you guys (from those Brands) create website well it is all available for us to see on the other side of the world. So let me tell you that sometimes I feel like I am on a Make up Diet, I can take a look but not to get my hands on it.

Of course we have all those old friends, Amazon, eBay or even places like Feelunique or Sephora Europe. But most of the time I am really on the hunt for drugstore products and let’s get serious, I feel pain in my little Make Up geeky heart because I can’t own that Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeshadow palette or that Milani Lipstick.

This is even more frustrating for me when I watch Uk (or French, I get the best of Both worlds) YouTubers or Bloggers raving about those products because they had the chance to travel or being sent products because they are “famous”. I am not jealous of their fame, don’t get me wrong here, I am simply jealous of their make up ah ah ! No let’s get serious I know that now it is very hard to not talk about foreign brands, and you know the drill we always want what we can’t get but I always have that “Unfair” thought going on and on in the back of my head.

I am writing this because I am planning a huge amazon Haul on brands I cannot get in the uk but just to name a few Wet ‘n’ Wild, Cover girl, NYX (yup because their US website is way better), Tarte, Bite Beauty, LA Girl, ELF or Shops like Bath and Body Works just to name a few please ship internationally. My mind would be in peace (not my wallet!) and my frustration way less unbearable.


Disclaimer : Of course I over exaggerate but you know me, always on the sarcastic side! But seriously this is something that I don’t like and in the “Beauty Guru World” this is a massive problem that nobody ever talk about so I wanted to mention it and let it out once and for all.

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