Let me start by saying that “Mama Allie is HAPPY”. I was waiting for a product like that for ages, and finally Soap and Glory made everything come true. This is such an amazing quality product. The price is so small (£3.50), the range of colors simple and gorgeous and don’t let me start on the formula because I am IN LOVE.


Background Story & General Impression

These Babies are from the “Sexy Mother Pucker” collection but the formula is way better than the big sticks and the colors are just amazing. It is a pop of creamy moisturizing wonder on your lips. Love the fact that the size is also tiny so you can litteraly bring it with you everywhere.


I love the packaging and shape of the product. As you can see on the picture it looks like a lipstick, the tip is not round like most of the lippies in sticks and this is a genius idea. It gives you more control and it applies evenly.


This product promise you “3D” lips and it does the job perfectly. I love the fact that this product is not minty, there is no cooling/minty feeling whatsoever so if you are a hater of mint tingling sensation well you are going to love that formula. It is full of pre-peptides which means that it boost the natural collagen in you lips. Simply love the idea ! Not to mention that those babies have a Vanilla taste that I adore.


The range is made of 5 colors and to me it is not enough of course because I love it so much but all the good colors are here. The 3 that I have are a really good example of the range.

Nudist : Is a nude (on the pinky side), on the swatch it is very clear but with the right lip liner it is very even and opaque.

Pink-A-Boo : A lovely rosy pink, perfect for everyday for a no make up day.

Pink Punch : Gorgeous Pink red, very pigmented and lovely on his own or paired with a nice fuschia lip liner.

My Opinion 

I love it. I will for sure get the two other colors because here in the UK it is the first time that a drugstore product is doing so well. I am pleased with everything and the price is so tiny I still can’t believe it. So get your hands on them in boots because right now it is buy one get one half price so it is totally worth it better than any chubby sticks on the market right now.

My Note : 10/10


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