September Wishlist : Birthday Edition !

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September is my birthday month and “I do whatever I want” so let’s bend the rule and make on BIG wishlist. I want to include everything and beyond because I have said so. Let’s get started, there is a lot to cover.

So I am turning 29, 1 year closer to the big 30. I still feel like a little kid sometimes so I still want a kiddo birthday cake or a plate full of donuts (hell yeah!).

But on a more mature note I want some statement piece. I still need in my make up collection thing like a Coco Chanel “Rouge” lipstick, you know the ultimate one, the one that you see on gorgeous woman on Tv (yeah that one, you know what I mean). Then that Charlotte Tilburry palette, that would be awesome, great quality and such an amazing gift. Also on the pricy side, Space NK are now selling Becca so I need in my life Moonstone, like for real. Not the mention the Too Faced powder brush that I just want because it is pretty, pink and fluffy.

I am girl so I like my diamonds. Of course I am joking so Fossil will do the trick (ah ah!). I am stars obsessed so that combo bracelet plus earnings would be just stunning on me. My pandora charm bracelet is still not complete so a new charm would be really awesome and I am not fussy but a music one is what I am missing so this one is perfect.

On the fashion side I have my eyes on that very pricy fossil bag, what can I say I am a girl and Mama needs her leather. No seriously I need a new strong bag. Also the make up bag matching the bag would be completing the look. (me, pushing, nahhh!).

Also, a new iphone case is more than needed, since I got my iPhone 6 I didn’t really splurge any money on one and fossil one are very good quality.

Last but not least, my perfume is coming to an end and that Chopard “Wish” is just something I love in my life. It is my Mom scent so when I am wearing it I can feel that she is with me. I guess I don’t need to explain myself on that one.

No I am not picky or asking for gifts but I thought that it would be a nice idea to share with you my birthday presents wishes. After all I do what I want, when I want and if you are not happy wait for your birthday and do the same. Trust me the feeling is awesome.

Love you guys and Happy month of September to everybody.



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