Tommy Guns, Conditioner Review


Tommy Guns / Fig, Plum and Marshamallow Condtioner

Recently discovered on the Birchbox website and found in a department store in Sloane Square, this conditioner saved my hair and now I can talk about it because I tested it for you for around a good month.

Tommy Guns is correct me if I am wrong a London based hair salon. One is in Soho and the other one is in Shoreditch and they have launched not that long time ago a range of hair care products.

To be fair I am not the type of girl who splurge tones of money on hair products because I always stick to the same hair care routine but considering the fact that I am coloring my hair well sometimes they need an extra push to stay healthy and hydrated.

I have to be honest, the marshmallow part sold that product to me. Yeah I know, but it is a serious selling point for me no joke. I was not disappointed at all, trust me the smell is beyond all my expectations and the price is so affordable, less than my John Frieda one so why not. Depends on where you get it the price is between £5 and £7.

I use that conditioner as a treat to my hair so once a week, so far I used it 5 times and I have seen a big improvement because everything is still the same in my hair care routine appart from that product.

So smell is amazing (check), texture is not too thick but it is not a liquid conditioner either (check). It gives my hair shine, protection and that silk feeling (check). But the biggest change was on my split ends and damaged locks. My hair are way more bouncy and way much softer.

In other words the combo of ingredients are perfect for colored and damaged hair like mine, it gives my thin hair a big boost of healthy treatment but without the heavy texture that some products might give you. It’s like a super powerful medicine for your hair without any sides effect.

I use it as a mask for my hair also, I let it seat for 5 to 10 mn so make sure you have plenty of time (yeah come on, shave your legs, use a scrub or I don’t know clean you shower!). But it is up to you, you can follow the 3mn rule if you want.

Overall it is a 10/10 for me, the bummer is the fact that it is hard to find so it is not the kind of product you can find in boots or superdrug so don’t get too attached, it is a real hunting session to get it but it is worth it.


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