September Birchbox : Happy Birchday !


BIRCHBOX #happybirchday | September  2015

So september is both Birchbox and I our birthday month. It is so great to receive actually on your birthday the box because yup it arrived on the D day, so amazing. Appart from that I was really pleased and the design of the box is very pretty, we could choose and I went for that one, it is more me. Products inside are once again really great so let’s not wait more, scroll down for some info and pictures!



LAURA MERCIER | Facial Polish | £3.00 (0.4 oz)

Finally a product that I can use on my face from Laura Mercier, I can’t wait to try it. It has a nice peachy scent and the exfoliating balls are so tiny, it is amazing ont the skin, I love the scent so bad! Love that brand so don’t let me down.

JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS| Citrus, Neroli Detangler | £2.00 (30ml)

Such a good size for a sample and I am very surprised because the bottle is full, not half full.  I don’t know the brand at all so I am very curious but so far the scent is good and you know that I am sucker for good hair products. Birchbox already got me addicted to 3 products, so yes more!

LAQA & CO | Cheeky lip pencil in Cray cray| £8.37 (0.03oz)

Yes it is a sample but quite a good size one because believe some lip products sample are sometimes a big joke. Never been really attracted to this brand and I know why now. Bright orange don’t really look good on me so I am going to pass plus it is a matt finish so not for my dry lips but I am sure someone around me is going to love it.

BEAUTY PROTECTOR | Beauty Wash | £2.00 (??)

Can I say that I am madly in love with that brand ? I don’t know what on earth is the scent because to me it smells like Cotton Candy (Hey hey) which is a blast. So the shower gel smells exactly like the hair spray protector, I can’t wait to use it but I save it for my trip to France in November, going to need loads of samples.

BENEFIT | The POREfessional : licence to blot | £5.10 (0.05oz)

I need to confess that I love Benefit sample, cutest in the world no joke! Appart from a mascara I never bought anything full size from that brand which is crazy, I keep on getting samples so why would I pay for it ? At first I wasn’t conviced by that tiny stick that looks like lip balm but after a few use AMAZING ! I am not a oily in my T-zones anymore and the size is perfect for my handbag and I have to say that even if it is small you need just a small amount so it is going to last me a while!

The BIRCHBRUSH | £5.99

That is a really nice gift and a lot of people are raving about those kind of brushes but it doesn’t work for me at all. So it is no ones fault, let’s even forget that it was in the box I will give it to someone and we can all pretend that it never happened.


Extra Extra Extra Extra

WHISH | CC body cream coconut milk | £3.50 (22ml)

I got it as an extra (which  I totally forgot about so imagine my surprise) because I sign up on something so really nice! Love WISH products, amazing smell and great results. Need to learn how to apply CC body cream but I am more than willing to try.

Overall Note : 10/10

I can’t complain of anything. Oh yeah, the brush but we are not meant to talk about it so let’s do it. I love the selection and I am pretty happy with the box plus being delivered on your Birthday is such a nice gift which is a coincidence I know but still. I love the Laura Mercier  Facial Polish and the Beauty Protector Shower gel. For me they are getting better and better so well done, I love how they have improved and I am always discovering something!

Value of the box : £29.96


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