BIRCHBOX : LE Seldridges


BIRCHBOX #birchboxatselfridges | September 2015

This post is not a regular Birchbox post, I will not list all the products I got. I just wanted to share my experience and how Birchbox can be fun and nice to put it all together yourself.

In my previous Birchbox post I told you that it was their birthday month and for an extra celebration they have decided to come up with a pop up shop in Selfridges in London Oxford street. The idea is to build your own Birchbox with premium samples and as a bonus if you are a subscriber to their monthly box well a little extra was waiting for you.



I didn’t take any picture of the pop up shop because it was crazy busy and very tiny so sorry about that. Overall I was really glad but some few little details really annoyed me.

First you cannot choose whatever you want in your 6 products. It has to be one of every section which is frustrating because I did own most of the stuff. They have swapped after a couple of weeks all the products so imagine my surprise, I really wanted the tiny Stila Blush but nope I ended up with the lipgloss that I already own. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but for me it is a bummer.

I am glad that I could pick up a new sample of the beauty protector spray because I was out and their website is out of stock and the new Benefit air patrol eye primer is really good so I was happy. The Clarins Face mask is a classic best seller so why not, I love their products and it is a really good sample size.

I also had to choose a “lifestyle” sample, I picked up the pillow spray because well the choices were not really exiting. So a bit disappointed about the misunderstanding of choosing products but hey.


When I received the e-mail saying that I would have 2 free products I was thrilled and again I didn’t get it. I thought I could choose two more samples bu nope instead I got a sharper and some eye googles. At first I thought, REALLY ? Then my make up sharper broke and to be fair the googles are pretty amazing to rest your eyes and take a nice nap.

Overall, happy ! It was nice to get that experience and the staff was very helpful, too bad my hope were crushed. The price of that box was £15 and at the end it was something I don’t regret because more samples is always super cool. I think it is not over yet, it ends on the 27th I think so go get you one if you are in London, it is great to make up your own mind before subscribing and if you are already, it is a nice fun thing to do with your girlfriends !


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