Lip Combo : MAC ! MAC ! MAC !



I recently discovered that in my many attempt to find the perfect lipstick or the perfect formula if you wish well I have to come to the conclusion that MAC is the best for me.

I own so many lip products but I always get back to MAC no matter what. since august I have been loving Lickable, such a pretty fuchsia-raspberry with no blue undertone so yes to white teeth! I like now to pair my lipstick with a matching lip pencil and this more to love is da bomb.



Even if it is a regular  lip pencil that you have to sharpen it so buttery yet not drying at all. The color is intense and it makes my lipstick last for at least 3 hours without touch up. The only bad thing is that it is a pain to remove ( but I invite you to check my blogpost on the sephora lipstick remover) so beware.



was perfect for summer but I still wear it, it is a nice transition for fall and I still love a really bright lip combo no matter what. Some people are really not into the creme sheen finish but it is my favorite one, I guess we all have different opinions and it works for me so who cares.

I does no bleed on my lips and as a bonus it compliment my skin tone so well, on some pictures on the web you will find it very barbie pink but on me it is a medium deep pink and the lip liner intensify drastically the red pigment.

It is a beautiful color well applied and perfect for season transition. It does transfer on teeth though so don’t be surprise but it is a tiny price to pay and I wear it constantly so you can prevent it easily.


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