October 2015 Birchbox : Stylist Edition


BIRCHBOX #Stylist | October 2015

This month we had to choose between two boxes and the other one was “back to basics” and I wasn’t really thrilled by the toothpaste so I got the stylist one. I am pretty happy with my choice and again it is getting better and better. I joined a year ago now (happy anniversary to me!) and I will not stop my subscription for the world. It is a great way to get new product and if you don’t like them well come on well all have family members or friends to pass it along so thumbs up to that great company. Now let’s get into the bow below.


100 % pure | fruit pigment lip glaze | £19

Love the fact that it’s a full size. That is pretty unusual for birchbox and when you look at the price it is very exiting. The smell is very strong but in a good way. It is very natural and the pigmentation from another world for a lip glaze I love it. Can’t wait now to see if it is hydrating and comfortable on the lips.


Bioderma | Sensibio H20 | £0.80

Not going to lie, that is a very small sample but good enough for a week or so I would say. Never tried anything from Bioderma and this particular product is pretty famous amongst beauty Blogger/ YouTuber so I am very pleased to finally sample it (even if the sample is tiny!).

Parlor by Jeff Chastain | Smoothing Blowout Spray | £3.45

When I opened my box and picked up that spray I almost cried (not out of joy) because first I totally forgot which box was coming so I was not aware at all then I was disappointed by the sea salt spray that at first I thought it was that one. Thanks God it is not and it smells really good. Now can’t wait to try it as I am looking for more new hair care lately.

Rituals | Yogi flow foaming shower gel | £2.12

Love Rituals. The scrub and body I got are amazing but yet another shower gel. I love though that it is a foaming one. Never tried anything in that shape and it smells good very relaxing so perfect to grab with me on my holidays.

When | Travelmate sheet mask | £6.25

Sheet masks are so the trend lately. I don’t know how I feel about it. It is 30mn with a sheet on your face so for me sounds long and annoying so I will either try it just to review it or give it away. But it is full size and those masks are very expensive so I clap my hands for the effort.

Bonus | English Laundry N7 signature for her | £1.00

This perfume smells good, that is a fact but come one it is the second one. The sample size is a joke (I mean you can get that in any drugstore for free) and they are presenting it as a “bonus” item, come one guys ! You can do better ! But yeah it is a nice clean smell that last all day.


Overall Note : 8/10

Overall I love it. I don’t know I how feel yet about picking my box because lately I feel that we don’t have anymore surprises. I know I could avoid spoilers but being a blogger it is hard to avoid social medias in general. Anyway I will use every single sample (still debating about the sheet mask) so it is a good box and come one for £10 a month it is great to test new brands.

Value of the Box : £32.62

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