Rimmel London | Match Perfection Foundation + Concealer


Rimmel London | Match Perfection Foundation + Concealer Review

I’ve been using the same old things for a long time now and you know, it is hard to get out of your comfort zone and try new things so I picked up a new foundation and concealer and now it is time for an In depth review.


Match Perfection Foundation

I am going to start by giving you the shade I am using and it is “010 light porcelain” and I have to say that they have a good selection of colors. Not sure about darker skin but for light skin there is around 5 different shades which is good. Not the greatest but I am pretty sure that you can mix 2 colors to get your perfect shade, it is such an affordable foundation so you can totally try it.

Application is easy, few drops around the face and you are good to go. I apply it with my beauty blender in few seconds.

The coverage is a medium one and looks really natural. It is not caky and it has that your skin but better feeling. If you have a lot to cover it is probably not your best option but for me it totally does the job. I don’t have any spots or any scars only some rednesses here there so for that matters it is ideal. I also have combination skin and it is a good match for me. Dry overall and oily in my “T” zone so quite a pain to find something suitable that will not fade away or do one job and not the other.

It is long wearing but not crazy long wearing. When I do my make up for work it is fine so it has an 8-10 hours of life without going off. Of course at is a medium coverage I would recommend to powder it just in case. It would fix it and make it last longer. I have tried both and the extra powder step works better.

On the bottle it claims a 24h moisture. Well, I have to say that I apply that foundation without a primer. I’ve tried with and I ended up with some patchy areas and dry spots. So it does gives you that hydrating feeling but not for 24h. But it is vey comfortable to wear and invisible as the packaging claims. I don’t like to have a perfect skin, in fact I like when people see my few freckles and some of my “happy wrinkles” and that foundation let your skin “be” and breath thoughout the day.


Match perfection concealer

I always get the matching concealer when I buy a new foundation and this one came out of nowhere. Didn’t heard anything about it and it was also quite pricy for the brand.

Let’s talk about the packaging first because that is my biggest concern. It is a tube with a brush applicator. Nothing wrong right ? Well it is really hard to squeeze it and on top of everything I always end up using way too much. I was almost out a week after buying it. Very annoying ! Not to mention that it is a mess and that the brush applicator is not ideal and it is hard to manipulate.

The product is a gem. It is a concealer but (wait for it !) a highlighter as well. It brighten the face and the under eye area like nothing, it is thick but not patchy and very easy to blend. I was very surprised and relieved that at least the quality of the product is way better than the packaging.

It is a shame that they choose such a cheap way to sell it. Maybe it is less expensive but a hard wand with a click on applicator (like the l’Oreal one) would have been better. Now I am very confused because I don’t know if I have to buy it again. It is a fifty fifty situation here.


Overall, both of products are amazing and I would really recommend it. Just beware of the big downside of the concealer. At least you will not be surprised. If you get it on offer you can get both of them for £10 which is a drugstore bargain.

Foundation 9/10
Concealer 6/10


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