November Birchbox 2015 | Skinny Dip Collab’


BIRCHBOX | Skinny Dip Collab’ | November 2015

I know it is very late to do my November review but I just received it 2 days ago. I want to mention again that if you go on holidays or you know you won’t be there you can always contact them. Instead of sending it with the first batch they have waited until I got back so it is a very good customer service.

Although I have to say that I didn’t receive any email that my box was sent and now I cannot even redeem my points by doing reviews but I have send an email and I am pretty sure I will receive an answer today or tomorrow.

Anyway back to this month box. I have to say that I am not very thrilled. The box is very cute, the Skinny Dip design is awesome and I will keep it for sure to store things. But I am not “Wowed” by the actual samples. Not enough discovery and very small in size but not the worse trust me the “Habitat” Collab was way worse than that.


SO SUSAN | Featherlash Mascara | £18

I was so please to get a full size mascara. I know that there is a subscription box with the same name and I was really curious. The price is quite expensive so I guess it is one of the in between luxury brand in terms of price. The wand is not my favourite (not curved) but very black so it is always nice to try new mascara.

TRILOGY | make up be gone cleansing balm | £2.40

I am a bit perplex on that one. I checked the description and how to use it but still. It is very rich and the texture very waxy. I have never used a make up remover like that but I will give it a go. I only heard good feedback on the brand so why not.

LORD & BERRY | Silhouette lip liner | £4.5

I am not originally a big fan of the brand. It is for me expensive for what it is and doesn’t really work for me but I already gave it a try with a red lipstick and that lip liner is made to stop your lipstick from bleeding and I have to say that it works so, good discovery.

DELAROM | Creme acquaconfort | £3.40

Never heard of that brand but I am always welcoming with open arms any rejuvenating products. It doesn’t say if you have to use it day or night but I will probably include it in my night routine to give my skin that boost of moisture that I am always in need. It is made with almond, apricot oils and vitamin E so very nourishing.

BEAUTY PROTECTOR | Beauty cream body lotion | £2

At first I thought it was the shower gel that I have already received but nope this time it is the body lotion. I love that brand and I am always happy to receive their products, I have almost the entire collection in samples so can’t wait to try out the lotion. All their products are great so far.

THUMBS UP | Rosa nail wraps | £6.99

Those nail wraps are an extra in that box but I am not going to lie it is not my cup of tea. I love the idea though and will give it away but it is not for me. This is a full size product by the way.


Overall I feel a bit weird about that box. I don’t get the collaboration apart from the design of the box and I feel that this time the samples were tiny. There was still plenty of space in the box. I really like 3 products out of 6. So I guess it is not a bad box, but not a great one at the same time. Now let’s hope the Christmas edition this year will be amazing.



Covergirl | Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation review


Covergirl | Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

It was love at first sight. I have never felt so connected to a foundation in my entire life and I had to wait 29 years and a foundation that traveled overseas to sit on my skin so perfectly.

Seriously even if I am getting a bit cheesy and dramatic this foundation is da bomb. Light, easy to blend and so natural on the skin. Not caky at all and very build able. I don’t need any primer to make it last and a little bit of powder does the job do fix it all day long.

It is a medium coverage and it is meant to cover imperfections so if you are looking for full coverage it is probably not a foundation for you. But for me it is perfect, my skin is natural (touch wood) flawless naturally, I don’t have any skin problems or imperfections only huge dark circles to cover so it was meant to be.

The formulation is also oil free and my skin is combination with a tendancy to be oily in my T-zone so I welcome warmly every oil free based make up product. For a drugstore foundation I am a hundred percent impressed.

This foundations come in 12 shades which is also very good for a drugstore brand and mine is 115 buff beige. It is a light warm color, a tiny bit darker than my skin tone but perfect to give my skin that healthy glow I am always on the hunt for.

This foundation last all day and if you are a bit oily like me, a bit of powder here and there and that is it. Now my dilemma is finding supply asap because I am addicted.

My note : 10/10


Christmas 2015 Wishlist

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Polyvore Link 

Christmas 2015 Wishlist

It is that time of the year again, to be faire I love Christmas and this year I have decided to be more organized and that is why you are getting that Wishlist now. It is better to start early so you can save money and choose wisely. Not to mention that the more I am getting closer to Christmas the more I want to kill people. Seriously, Christmas shopping in London is hell on earth.

My hubby wanted to know my wishlist and he is right, he gave me his thoughts and I am going to work around that but truth to be told I always find ideas. Guys are always lost and need guidance so don’t be shy, use polyvore it is so much fun !

First you are probably wondering why there is a cat on the picture. We have been talking about getting one so often and even if the idea of having a kitten in a box underneath the tree  is cute (and creepy!) it is something we will probably do together and not as a surprise but hey it is more a “I am ready, let’s do it” than a “get me a cat, now!”.

For the geek in me I need a new diary for 2016 and I am in love with my moleskine, so I can’t wait to start a new one asap. Books are all about donuts and one about Madeleine. I got myself a donuts tin in France and now I want to try and make my own homemade donuts so a recipe book is appropriate. By the way stay tuned a video about that will come on my channel.

Christmas and Birthday always means Pandora for me, it is like a tradition. This year again, it is all about stars and why not this cute kitty face (wink wink).

The Dressing gown is a exemple, I know it is boring but I need one. Winter is going to be cold, I need to be cosy and fluffy. Not to mention that it is the kind of thing you don’t buy, you need someone to gift it to you.

On the Fossil side (it is like Pandora, a tradition) I got an early Christmas gift present from Dad (A gorgeous bag) so a new wallet would be great and this one is so small and cute perfect for me.

On the beauty side I have been so spoilt lately that it is not that I don’t need anything but I need to narrow down my priorities. I am so in love with my Too Faced chocolate bar palette that I need the new Semi sweet version, the colors are to die for. The Becca highlighter would be a blessing but I am sure he is going to panic and pick up the wrong one. Finally I need (still) a new bottle of my Chopard Perfume (Wish) and I hope it will be underneath the christmas tree.

Now give me your thoughts and don’t forget to share as well your Christmas wishlist, it is never too early. Love ya all.