USA haul |Lipstick Review (Buxom, ELF & Bite Beauty)



USA haul | Lipstick Review (Buxom, ELF & Bite Beauty)

If you follow me on my youtube channel and instagram you probably came across my few hauls. My Mom did a little shopping for me in the US and she brought me back some lip products that I wanted to try for ages and it is time to give my final thoughts. Two are a Hit and one is a miss continue to read if you want to hear me about those 3 products.


ELF  | Matt Lip pencil | Neutral

I knew it but still I wanted to try it. With ELF it is easy because it is cheap and for most time good quality but this not such a success. The color is amazing but the quality is very drying, I can feel the product and it fades away in less than half an hour. I have tried everything, lip liner, pairing it with a lipstick or a gloss. Scrubbing, moisturizing with lip balm and nothing works. I have to admit that it is a fail but I am not disappointed because it was so cheap.



BITE BEAUTY |  Pigment pencil | Quince

Such a great discovery. It is a pricy brand so I am not going to lie, I would have banged my head into a wall if it hadn’t worked on me. But this is a crazy pigmented color but it doesn’t bleed everywhere and it stays on the lips like nothing else. You can apply it straight away and no joke, even sometimes without a mirror. The pencil is retractable so very clever and easy to maintain in terms of hygiene and I love the packaging which is a plus of course. I love the finish, moisturizing but not slippery, pigmented but not dry and somewhat with a matt effect at the end. I am convinced, I need more colors in my life.



BUXOM | Full – On Lip Cream | Creamsicle

It is not a secret, I love that brand. I was already in love with they basic lip glosses but now I am crazy on love. It is very opaque which is very rare nowadays. Lipgloss are so yesterday for some cosmetics brand but truth to be told I miss it. I have never been so in love with a lip product formula in my life. For the first time I can say that a gloss is comfortable to wear, not sticky and very pigmented. Crazy right, price are a bit pricy but totally worth it if you want my opinion. Last thing to mention is the scent, it is a minty lip gloss so yes you will get tickles when you apply but it is for the best because the main “big thing” of that company is that all of their formula makes your lips look bigger. Love it to bits!




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