BIRCHBAG | All that Glimmers | December 2015


BIRCHBAG | All that Glimmers | December 2015

So for the second time of the year we are getting a bag and I like when they change the rules and it is a good balance, the last one was for summer and this one for Christmas. I am just not really into the design of the bag. To be honest it is very tacky and feels cheap. I would have preferred something more Christmas with candy cane or stars. But I like the effort.

The selection inside is quite good and finally I get to try new brands. The Ciate nail polish is calling to me !


BENEFIT| Ultimate Party Kit | £5.45
Benefit Puff off! And They’re real Push-up liner

I have to say that even if we are receiving all the time Benefit samples well I am never tired. I have never tried those two and I am very excited about the Puff Off! If it works I would probably get the full size. It is a very nice kit for Christmas time. Not to mention that it is pretty rare to get two Benefit products at the same time.

MODELCO | Ultra long lasting lipstick in Smitten | £15.50

Truth to be told when they were giving away sneak peak couple of weeks ago about a full size item I wasn’t expecting that. Model Co is not my favourite brand. I was never impressed and it is very pricy. The colour looks nice but a tiny bit dark for me. It claims to be a semi Matt and I usually don’t go for that. I was also a bit disappointed because it is so soft that the product is going everywhere and is already damaged. But I will try it and it is nice for them to give us a full size. Let’s be positive !


CIATE LONDON | Assorted colour pot in | £4.5

This is a nail polish brand I always wanted to try but as you may know it is very expensive so I usual always get back to Barry m or my trusty Essie. But the colour is very festive, a nice metallic silver and this tiny sample is so so cute. It’s quite a decent amount for a sample and the colour is very on point for the festive season.

BALANCE ME | Congested Skin Serum | £5.30

Again. I feel that I repeat myself a lot this month but I have never fell in love with Balance Me. I already got 4 different samples and I was always disappointed and very frustrated because I am basically not a fan of the smell to start with. I know it is stupid but it is a big selling point for me. But this time I am willing to try again. I have never got any type of skin problems but when I have a break out well, it is massive ! I don’t have anything like that at home so it is a very good surprise. Can’t wait to try it !

SKIN & CO| Sicilian Body Gem | £3.75

The smell is or of kind. Hard to explain but very nice. Some people get sick of getting shower gel but I love it. It’s the easiest way to try a brand and my husband can give it a go as well in the shower so it is a plus. Now I don’t know the brand but it is also made with olive extracts and it is so good for my skin. Not to mention that the sample is a generous size this time.


ROLOXIN | Lift instant skin smoothing mask | £???

I am always a bit annoyed when we get samples like that. It is a one time only sample and it is always so expensive to purchase afterward if you like it so I don’t know. It is one of the heating mask that you have to massage in your hands to activate whatever is inside so very nice. I will probably use it after a hard week at work to cleanse my skin.


Overall very Happy. I have now been with Birchbox for more than a year now and so far I have been more happy than disappointed. Of course some month are totally crap but it is hard to please every single woman with a £12 box and 5 different tiny samples.

Total Value of the box : £36.5



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